October 2013

API’s, Connections and Why We’re Different

Content Runner is not just a marketplace it’s a collection of project management tools that will let you effectively and efficiently manage your writing projects. More importantly we want to feel like you own the site, give us suggestions on improvements as well as must have features. We are serious about customizing Content Runner and making it the platform that fits your needs, send me an email at info@contentrunner.com and let me know what you’re looking for. Connections Our first plan was to create a killer WordPress plugin that allows […]

Happy Halloween! Top 10 Grammatical Errors That are Sure to Spook Your Editors

Whether you’re drafting a professional email for work purposes or writing content to share online, proper grammar is important. Grammar mistakes get in the way of a reader’s ability to understand what you are trying to convey. It may seem technically annoying, but learning the structural rules that govern writing is very important. Improve your writing skills by avoiding the 10 most common grammar mistakes that most writers make. 1. Misuse of the Semicolon The semicolon is a punctuation mark that is used to separate two complete sentences that relate […]

The Key to Writing a Successful Press Release and Getting Your Business Noticed

A press release is a vital aspect of any businesses’ marketing efforts. It is a fundamental tool of public relations because it provides an effective way for a company to announce news worthy information to the public in order to gain free exposure. A press release can tell a story, help a cause or announce the news about the company, its products or services. Crafting an effective press release takes creativity, research and patience. Make certain that your press release stands out above the rest and attracts the attention that […]

Writing Connections : Craigslist + Writer Marketplace + Content Management Tools

The Power of Craigslist Craigslist has such tremendous reach and with it the ability to connect writers with people that need something written. If you post a job looking for writing or editing help, you can expect to get upwards of 50 responses from almost any market in the US. The self reinforcing feedback loop of Craigslist keeps users coming back looking for writers and writers constantly checking to see if there are any new jobs. The upfront part of the connection funnel is extremely powerful and in the next […]

Tips from the Editors: How to Ensure Your Articles are Accepted the First Time, Every Time

Tips from the Editors: How to Ensure Your Articles are Accepted the First Time, Every Time

Writing articles as a freelancer can be an excellent way to make a little extra income, develop or nurture a hidden writing talent or learn about different topics. Many writers spend much of their day writing memos, reports, analysis or responding to emails from friends and colleagues. As a freelance writer you use your everyday skills to create articles that meet an exceptional standard and are ready for publication. If you are struggling with a low acceptance rate for your article submissions and want to improve your writing, there are […]

Why Content Marketing is Really just Lead Generation

Why do we set a content strategy, work with writers and work hard to produce written copy each every day for clients? The end goal is to generate phone calls and emails for whatever product or service we are selling. We really just want to get the cash register to ring and with that in mind here’s why content marketing is really just lead generation in disguise. Conversion Optimization is Just as Important in Content Marketing as it is for Lead Generation What is conversion optimization? Simply put it is […]

Pubcon 2013 Takeaways

After 48 hours in Las Vegas, I’m worn out – but it was a great time! This was my 4th Pubcon, but the first one that I attended with an exhibition instead of a full access pass. I don’t have a lot of feedback on the sessions as I didn’t attend any, but the word I kept hearing was that there wasn’t a lot of earth shattering information shared. For me the real value in Pubcon is connecting with old friends and making new connections and that came through in […]

What You’re Missing out on by not Using Email Notifications

Email notifications (also known as Bacn) are messages that you subscribe to such as updates, alerts and status changes. You can control your Content Runner notifications in “Settings”, “Email Preferences” – opt in or out of any of the settings described below. We have come up with many notifications and if you see one missing that you think would be valuable, drop us an email and there’s a good chance we can create it. When you break down writing into its many parts, you start realize it’s a complicated process […]

Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making Managing Your Writers

Using Spreadsheets to Track Projects Spreadsheets are outstanding for tracking small projects, but once you hit a certain size you are going to need to graduate to a project management tool. Have you ever tried to manage 15 writers across 300 topics using a spreadsheet? It can be done, but you’re causing yourself a ton of useless grief and here’s why: Spreadsheets can’t send emails when items are late. Spreadsheets don’t reassign topics when your freelance writer tells you she took a full time job. Spreadsheets do a poor job […]

Case Study: What you need to know to Write Professional Content for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Ask the Bankruptcy Lawyer Questions to Understand their Business Schedule a meeting with your legal client where the primary objective is to ask them about their business and what type of work they perform. Does the lawyer focus on personal or business bankruptcies? What cities do they perform work in? How long have they been practicing? Have they received any awards or commendations? Have their clients given them any testimonials? Get Granular when Choosing Topics Let’s assume that the lawyer you are going to write for specializes in business bankruptcies […]