October 2013

6 Steps to Creating Awesome Content with a Writing Marketplace

When you use a writing marketplace you will get out of it what you put into it. If you follow these steps you will be on your way to getting awesome content from your writers. 1)      Come up with a Novel Idea You can’t expect great content if you don’t start with a good idea. So many people skip right through this step and it’s the most important! Get the juices flowing by doing a mental brainstorming session and start asking questions: What is something that I think will happen […]

How Content Runner Handles Writer Relationships

When we set out to build Content Runner, we knew we wanted to handle writer relationships much differently than all the other writer platforms out there. Our goal was to be transparent about pricing and do away with the star rating system for payments that is popular at Text Broker and Writer Access. Right from the beginning the idea was to let users set their own price for their content, but first we had to determine how we wanted to interact with writers. 4 Approaches to Interacting With a Writer […]

Content Bowlers

Content Bowlers

Here at Content Runner, we work hard to bring both Users and Writers together to create online content. In addition to this, we also work hard to make sure we have a good time and mesh well together as a company. At our latest outing, we were allowed to let loose at the local bowling alley. Hilarity ensued as I attempted (and failed) to break 100 points and Jackson played both games in his sun glasses and mustache. Both Stacy and Tawny described their performances as “triumphs of the human […]

Why Build a Content Marketplace?

Welcome to my inaugural post on Content Runner! It’s been quite a journey since December of 2012 when we came up with the idea to where we are now. Why did we create Content Runner? We were having trouble managing writer relationships using emails and spreadsheets and thought: why not build something to make the pain go away? From those early conversations we came up with the concept of Content Runner to help us come up with topics, assign tasks to writers, edit and publish content, pay writers, collect W-9’s, […]