November 2013

Prepare Your Content Strategy for the Holidays and Winter Weather

Winter is an eventful time of the year. You have inclement weather and numerous charity events you company can attend and if you are in charge of content strategy for an e-commerce company or a service company, you also need to anticipate and prepare for winter weather and how it might impact your products. Plan your content strategy accordingly and cover the events for your company to get the most out of the holidays. Donate to Charity During the winter months when times are tough for the homeless and winter […]

How to Ensure Writers Understand Your Message

How to Ensure Writers Understand Your Message

A freelancer will often encounter a situation where the company or client they are writing for is one that is completely unfamiliar to the writer. The company may have a desire for certain types of writings that help the company educate its customers about its products and services as well as showcase its benefits in order to increase sales and market appeal. Much of this is communicated by the company through its mission and/or vision statement and can prove to be a beneficial tool for a freelance writer. What if, […]

Does Your Stock Photography Align with Your Content?

A picture can be a valuable way to communicate an idea or concept and can be every way as effective as words. The use of pictures can complement a freelance article and make it more appealing and readable to the intended audience. Finding the right photo to use in conjunction with a freelance article is as much an art as the writing itself. Stock photos are images that are licensed by the photographer for a specific use and are made available either for free or a licensing fee. Business, advertising […]

What’s New & What’s Coming Soon at Content Runner

We are working hard on features here at Content Runner and wanted to share some of the upgrades we’ve just completed as well as the updates coming in the next few weeks. Order Entry Update – Calculation of Site Wide Average Prices We have been receiving a lot of feedback regarding the ability to set your own price per article. Primarily the response we’ve been getting is confusion as people are not used to setting a price per article, they are used to choosing a price based on a star […]

Featured Writer of the Week – Nicole (nmark30)

As a way to showcase some of the great Writers on Content Runner we are implementing a “Featured Writer” segment here on our blog. This week’s piece features Writer Nicole (nmark30). Nicole Mark is an internet content writer and developer. She was taught the importance of hard work by her parents, who are small business owners. Through college and her professional career, she has come to love the world of SEO and understands the importance of creating quality content to improve website visibility. We asked Nicole a few questions to […]

How Copyscape is Keeping Content Original

One of the most important aspects you must keep in mind regarding your content is uniqueness. Plagiarism in any sense is not only bad form but can also be illegal if you ascribe credit for work that is owned by someone else. Checking for duplicate content is something any blogger, article writing company and content publisher should do on a regular basis to ensure the originality of an article and to check for duplicate content that has not been properly attributed to its source. One of the more popular ways […]

Content Runner is now Official – Our Press Release is Live!

We just got our press release published on PR Web and are ready to open our doors for more users and writers. Here is the first part of the release, I copied in the first few paragraphs in case you don’t want to read the complete version.   Content Runner Online Writing Marketplace Officially Launches Content Runner introduces a revolutionary approach to online copy writing and offers a robust suite of project management tools. Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) November 13, 2013 Content Management Solutions, LLC announces the launch of Content Runner […]

Content Marketing in the Age of “Not Provided”

As you probably know by now, organic keyword data will soon display in Google Analytics as “not provided” so you will be unable to determine what organic search queries sent traffic to your website. The query data will still be provided in Google AdWords reports so if you’re site is also running an AdWords campaign you can use that data to structure your approach to content marketing. However if you’re not running an AdWords campaign, what can you do to find out if your content strategy is effectively driving traffic? […]

Tips for Creating a High Quality Screencast

The best way to share your knowledge with others is to demonstrate or feature a product or service that you have to offer is through the use of a screencast. A screencast describes short, informational videos that are posted on the web. Screencast software gives you the ability to take content and create video clips that can easily be placed on your website or posted elsewhere online, such as YouTube. These clips help you build and manage your brand, demonstrate your expertise and can help drive additional web traffic. Screencasts […]

Top 5 Items to Review before Submitting an Article

You have completed your article and are ready to submit and move on to your next assignment. The next step is to ask yourself what you forgot to do before you hit the “send” button? There are many errors that writers commonly make when submitting assignments. Sometimes these errors are a function of not taking the time to properly plan what it is you are looking to communicate. Other times these errors result from not applying the correct writing convention or rule. Other than spelling errors, which should be easy to […]