December 2013

Creating Content for Social Media

Social media is increasingly becoming a tool for businesses to use for marketing and promotional activities as well as pushing out relevant content for existing and potential customers. It seems a natural place for businesses to explore since social media is as effective a way to reach consumers as television, radio, newspapers and company websites. The habitual use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others is currently at 71 million Americans and is only expected to increase throughout the coming years. The growth of mobile devices (i.e. […]

How to Create Authority with Your Content

Many times content that you are writing requires you to take on an air of authority. This helps lend credibility to the article and enhances the quality of the content to readers. Content that reflects your understanding of a topic related to a current news item or industry trend requires you to add opinions, analyze and support arguments from authoritative sources. These sources include reputable news sources (i.e. New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, etc.), college and universities and government departments and agencies. Learning to create authority in your […]

Effective Brainstorming Techniques and Engaging the Idea Engine

Effective Brainstorming Techniques and Engaging the Idea Engine

Writers block is a common acquaintance of the freelance writer. Writers may find themselves staring at an empty piece of paper thinking about the words they will need to get started and nothing may come. It can be frustrating but it is something that happens to all Writers. Even the greats like Hemingway, Mailer, Ginsburg and Fitzgerald went through bouts of writers block before penning such great works as The Old Man in the Sea, The Executioner’s Song, Howl and The Great Gatsby, respectively. Overcoming writers block and finding the […]

How to be Constructive when Rejecting an Article or Asking for Revisions

Using a freelance writing service allows you to gain access to different Writers with different writing styles. This means that you can survey a diverse sampling of Writers in order to find the one who best matches your desired communication style and the type of writing you would like to see. Sometimes, when working with a Writer on a specific assignment, you may find that the work they submitted failed to meet your standard. There can be many different ways this can happen. Perhaps the Writer failed to properly communicate […]

Featured Writer of the Week – Jen (JJKeeler)

Featured Writer of the Week – Jen (JJKeeler)

This weeks Featured Writer is Jen Keeler (username: JJKeeler). Jen is a Colorado native who has written over 350 articles for Content Runner since she joined. She enjoys writing articles from Food and Diet to History to Sports (Go Broncos!). If you would like to contact Jen for direct orders and other assignments, you can reach her through her Content Runner profile. We asked Jen a few questions to get to know her a bit better and find out how she fills her free time when she is not busy writing for […]

How to Establish Relationships with Favorite Writers

If you come across a Writer that you gel with, you have made a treasured find. You can build a relationship based on knowing what to expect whenever this person writes for you and be satisfied every time they complete a writing assignment. If you are fortunate enough to find a Writer that you like and that meets your requirements for the type of content you need, you should protect that relationship above all costs. Making the Writer feel that they are important to you requires work on your part […]

Timing Your Content for the Holidays

As the holiday season has arrived, plans are being readied for the long journeys back home to visit friends, family and loved ones. This is the time of the year where tidings of comfort and joy are spread throughout the world to a great many and wishes of cheer and good health replace concerns over work schedules, deadlines and writing commitments. As work drifts further and further from your thoughts, soon you may find yourself overwhelmed by deadlines and unable to get back on track before the end of the […]

How to Avoid Freelance Writing Scams

Every so often unscrupulous individuals, under the guise of engaging a freelance writer for work, will contract but not pay for work-for-hire. This can result in the freelancer losing income and the time spent creating the work product. Such a problem persists in the industry and is a troublesome trend that should be addressed legislatively and socially. There are some telltale signs that can let a freelancer know that the writing service may be less than reputable. As a freelancer you should take the time to look for these signs, […]

Content Runner Idea Engine is Now Live + It’s Free and Super Helpful!

Content Runner Idea Engine is Now Live + It's Free and Super Helpful!

The #1 complaint we get from people is that they have a hard time figuring out what to write about. Well, we are proud to announce our new Idea Engine with 2 great API integrations: Grep Words (very similar to the Google Keyword Tool) + Twitter = idea heaven. Best of all, the tool is absolutely free – all you need to do is create a free Content Runner account to get started. Here is what is looks like! Grep  Words If you are looking for organic traffic to your […]

Featured Writer of the Week – Stacey (staceydprice)

Featured Writer of the Week – Stacey (staceydprice)

This weeks Featured Writer segment showcases Writer, Stacey Price (username: staceydprice). Stacey is a talented Writer who has been with Content Runner since late September.  When Stacey is not writing for us, she is busy being a mother to 2 girls and planning trips to the Maldives! If you would like to contact Stacey and place an order with her, you may do so by visiting her profile.     Tell us about yourself. I can sum that up in 20 words. I’m a seasonal fitness junkie, wife, mother of […]