Photo by Flickr user Steve Baker

Photo by Flickr user Steve Baker

Looking back over the last year, we have seen a surge in content marketing and the key role it plays in all types of businesses. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store, an up and coming ecommerce venture or just trying to promote your personal brand, content marketing has become a must-have component of any marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Successes in 2014

With the release of Google’s Hummingbird update, which made it easier for Google to track search queries conducted by voice, mobile content marketing surged and there was no way to avoid it any longer.

Content Marketing Institute released their list of seven inspiring content marketing moments of 2014, lauding companies like Lowe’s for their experimental content marketing strategies. Lowe’s in particular utilized Vine to highlight ways to fix things around the house in six seconds, as well as going outside the box to partner with stakeholders such as mom bloggers design personalities.

Emerging Industries Embracing Content Marketing

Manufacturing and other B2B marketers faced the challenges of producing engaging content and being able to measure the effectiveness of that content. With only 30 percent of manufacturing marketers saying they feel effective with their content marketing efforts, the Content Marketing Institute’s article points to some calling these members of the industry “laggards.” In 2015, you don’t want to get left behind when it comes to content marketing.

So Where Do You Start?

Good content marketing starts with great content. But what content do you need? Do you really need an app? What social media channels should you get started on? Before you dive into the nitty gritty, you need to thoroughly understand your content needs and understand all the tools available to you.

With Content Runner, you can explore a variety of different content to expand your content marketing by working with our experienced and talented writers. Not to mention our Content Runner team is always on-hand to help you figure out just what you need. As we head into 2015, reevaluate your content—or lack thereof—and branch out, experiment and challenge your previous methods to help your business grow.