November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Content Runner! Here’s What We’re Thankful for This Year

Happy Thanksgiving from Content Runner! Here's What We're Thankful  for This Year

It’s been an exciting year for Content Runner, and we find ourselves with lots to be thankful for this season. We’re thrilled to have partnered with so many talented Writers and enthusiastic Users. We’re excited to be working with a team of creative and determined employees who keep the site up and running and the content flowing (and check for typos!). We’re proud to have built this community of individuals dedicated to producing and publishing excellent content on every subject under the sun, all across the internet. If you’ll indulge […]

How to Use Content Runner’s Idea Engine to Write About Literally Anything

How to Use Content Runner's Idea Engine to Write About Literally Anything

Writer’s block is the rocky shoal upon which many a promising blog founders. Coming up with new and interesting ways to tackle important subjects is a constant struggle, and sometimes you just plain run out of ideas. That’s okay: don’t give up and check Facebook just yet. Whether your niche is tiny hats for kittens, home improvement and design or aluminum manufacture, Content Runner’s Idea Engine is here to help. Start Big Having trouble narrowing down your topic? The Idea Engine can do the hard part for you. Enter in […]

We Changed the Way Open and Contact Orders Work – Here’s What’s Different

We Changed the Way Open and Contact Orders Work - Here's What's Different

As we find ourselves in the middle of Pumpkin Spice Latte season (and quickly hurtling toward the only time of year when Egg Nog Lattes are permitted to exist without being declared a crime), the wind whipping at the trees and the clouds hunching grey overhead, we must concede that change is afoot. The leaves shift from verdant to auburn, shake loose from the branches and fall to our feet in drifts. Our light, summery clothes must be shoved to the back of the closet, to be replaced with sweaters, […]

Crafting Better Instructions for Writers

Crafting Better Instructions for Writers

Good content requires good writing, and when you’re working with freelance writers, clear communication is paramount. You need to tell your writers exactly what you want from them, so they can produce content that works for you with minimal revisions and edits. The system we use at Content Runner lets you to send an article back for revisions, allowing writers to correct mistakes they may have made. This is very useful, but ideally, everyone wants the first version of an article to be the last version of an article. Writers […]