It’s the New Year, you’re probably still recovering from your holiday hangover and have a lot on your plate. But one thing that seems to consistently slip by, month-to-month or even year-to-year, is updating and refreshing content across your brand.

bloggraphicSure, you’ve got new social posts lined up, and you may have added a few new nice features to your website. There are three areas that aren’t always remembered as actual content that needs to be updated and/or rewritten:


While many businesses treat these as a teaser to web content, or even just a regurgitation of a blog or social post, you can really drive up your click-through rate on your newsletters by utilizing unique and original content. Have an employee write a fun, short piece that is unique to the newsletter each month. Update the recipients on what fun things you’re doing as a company, or highlight the community service opportunity your team just participated in.

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be generic or repetitive. Make recipients look forward to opening the newsletter in their inbox, and more importantly, drive traffic to your website or social media channels.

Don’t have a newsletter at all? There are several services that can help you get started on one, and you can even send newsletters via WordPress.

‘About Us’ Posts

You probably have a page on your website that has brief blurbs about your business, your employees, yada yada. Have you rebranded? Is your business growing? Have you change offices? Maybe it is time to update or revamp your about page. You may have let your employees take a more informal approach with their about me’s—like we did—and now it is time to polish things up, or you’ve added some new team members and you want them to feel included.

Also, these spaces for describing yourself or your company tend to sit stagnant on social media channels. They may not have up-to-date or accurate information about your business, which can lead to confusion for your customers.

Make sure that these about statements match/align with your mission, vision and keywords you want to be known for, as this is something that will impact search engine optimization (SEO).

Product Descriptions

Lastly, how long has it been since you have revisited your product descriptions? If you sell things on your website, you want engaging, accurate and appealing write-ups about your products. If you’re adding new products or just looking to reexamine your approach, you can refresh this content quickly and easily (or one of Content Runner’s talented Writers can do it for you).