As attention spans get shorter, so too does the content you see online. About 53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, says Google, and at the same time, most online visitors will give you just a few seconds to pique their interest. If they are bored by what they see, they will move on. It’s as simple as that.

So, in essence, you only have a few sentences to draw them in, maybe a paragraph at best. Make it count. Here are five tips to capturing your audience’s attention through the creation of compelling content, whether through blogs or landing pages, that makes them want to stay.

1.    Make the Content Shareable

The content you write (or that you hire professionals to write) should be shareable, entertaining and informative. Compelling content isn’t just about spreading information…it should be something that people want to share with their friends, pass along, and help others. Content that is compelling will elicit a response, says Moz.

2.    Add Calls to Action

In order to get such a response, you must have calls to action appearing throughout the content. Remember, not everyone will read past the first paragraph. They want the nutshell version, which is when you hit them with your contact info, special offer, etc. Don’t make them keep reading or scrolling through a sea of text just to get to the good stuff.

3.    Emphasize Benefits Over Features

One of the most common mistakes companies make when it comes to crafting web copy is spending too much time tooting their own horns. Instead of taking up space talking about how awesome you are, tell people how YOU can benefit THEM. Remember, people don’t care so much about your company…they mainly just care about how you will solve their problems.

While you want to highlight your company’s accomplishments and distinctions, always keep in mind this isn’t the main reason why people are visiting your site.

4.    Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

The more your offer stands out from the competition, the better your chances of getting the response you want, says Entrepreneur. Know your unique selling proposition going in, which is essentially a promotion that offers something that your competitors can’t, don’t or won’t. That proposition has to be strong enough to pull in new customers to your site and thus your product or service.

5.    Hire Someone to Write for You

Don’t have the time or talent to craft engaging copy? Hire a writer to do it. It will be well worth the cost of having someone else take care of this than if you were to cram a poorly written blog or web page onto your site. Professionalism must be maintained in order to build trust, show your subject matter expertise and gain a loyal following.

Taking the cheap way out won’t help you in the long run. Focus your efforts on doing what you do best: building your business.

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