If you want to strengthen the building blocks to create a loyal customer base, you have to start with nurturing a brand that people can put their faith in. With any luck, those people will become ambassadors for your brand, which is why it’s so important to build trust through a strong online marketing plan. One easy way to boost visibility is to put more effort into your online marketing efforts. Then, you can reach customers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.

From relevant, compelling writing to timely blogs, you can implement a strong, multi-faceted online marketing plan that makes your business stand out. Check out these tips for building trust in your brand.

1.    Use Relevant Keywords

Do keyword research and incorporate the most relevant keywords into your content. Better yet, let a local writer do that for you. They know exactly where to pepper those keywords in so your content is picked up by the big search engines.

2.    Do Some Blogging

Regular blogs, written professionally and on a regular basis, will drive more traffic to your site from both potential and existing customers. But you have to post frequently (ideally once or twice a week) with fresh, relevant content that showcases you as a subject matter expert in your industry. Your brand’s voice should be authoritative and polished, but also human and approachable, says Forbes.

3.    Develop an Ethical Brand Story

Because customers put a great deal of trust in a brand when purchasing their products and committing to their services, it’s vital that you build your company on a solid set of ethics that will fuel your sales and marketing campaigns going forward.

4.    Make Your Posts Shareable

Whether you’re posting blogs or social media blurbs, go deep. Don’t make them sales-y all the time. Instead of constantly being all about your products or services, your posts should be shareable, such as tips, memes, fun photos, or polls. This way, the people who see them will share them with their friends, and so on and so on. Let social media work for you, and don’t talk down to anyone. Show them your fun side!

5.    Make Sure Your Google+ Profile is Correct

Set up your Google+ profile, which is a free and easy way to claim all the content you have put out there. Once you have become a verified author, people will know your business is legitimate and will look at you as an authority figure. Make sure all information is accurate and consistent across all platforms.

6.    Keep Your Promises

Being regarded as a trusted and reliable brand means keeping promises to customers. If you tell them you always provide free shipping, follow through. If you claim you have the lowest prices online, make sure you do the research and mean it. If not, your customers will consider your brand untrustworthy and will go somewhere else to have their needs met. Be transparent in recognizing and being open about your strengths and weaknesses, says Entrepreneur.

7.    Apologize Early in a Crisis

Mistakes happen in any business, but the worst thing you can do is ignore a potential problem. When you send out the wrong tweet, can’t meet a promised delivery time, or unwittingly send a damaged product, own up to it immediately, tell them you’re sorry and resolve the problem fast. Your customers are more apt to be understanding if you approach the situation with diplomacy and sincerity.

Bottom line is: building and defending your brand starts with your presence online. Everything that’s connected to your brand is critical, everything from the content you post to how you react in crisis. Make it count.

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