Content Runner is a marketplace for clients and writers to connect and flourish, that much is true. And most of us here, be we content creators or those who desire it, deal in articles, blog posts, press releases, and other standard written fare. But there are other worlds than these, and with a little ingenuity, you can use Content Runner creatively to fulfill all of your writing needs.

Write an ebook about an ebook if you want to be meta.

That could be your ebook under those spectacles.

Brainstorm, Write, and Edit an Ebook

Armor yourself properly, clear your mind of worry and fear, and take a brief stroll onto Elance; you’ll find hordes of people searching vainly for ghostwriters for their ebooks. While it can be difficult to find the right writer for such a task in a war where the lowest bidder wins, here on Content Runner it’s a cakewalk. An entire ebook ordered at once might be too daunting of a task, but contracting a writer to pen one chapter at a time makes it easy to get your 100 Tips for Cooking French Delicacies in a Crock Pot reviewed, edited, and published. Remember, however, that Content Runner isn’t an auction site; be sure your project has the right price tag to attract the industry professionals.

Cosmopolitan Content

Do you have need of an amazing article – just not in English? It may not have crossed your mind, but Content Runner supports high-quality writing in many different languages. We use Copyscape to ensure that all submissions are original and free of plagiarism; luckily, Copyscape extends its service to a variety of tongues.

Although historically language support hasn’t been a feature that many have used, it’s a wonderful tool to consider if the need pops up. Writers are encouraged to include their credentials on their profiles; if you’re fluent in several languages, be sure to mention it! Better yet, try creating an Offering detailing your special skill.

Happily Ever After

No need to assume all you can get from our site is fodder for your blog! Whether you need something creative to spice up your site or are looking for refined, professional writing for that children’s book you’ve sketched out, try enlisting the help of some of our immensely talented writers – many of whom are, in fact, published authors! Again, however, consider the extra effort, thought, and originality that’s inherent to creative writing, and price your projects accordingly.

Take the Hint: Print!

Not everything has to be SEO-oriented these days. There’s still a place for direct mail in consumer hearts everywhere, and sometimes you just need good solid writing to flesh out that quick brochure you’ve designed. Regardless of your need, you can take advantage of our huge pool of writers to get your print publications taken care of, as well.

Rev Up the Idea Generator

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If you’re having trouble with your topic generation, we got your back, baby. We’ve put together a handy how-to guide for using the marketplace as a source of inspiration, and we encourage you to take full advantage!

Editing Help

Sometimes, you need somebody. Not just anybody… You know you need someone. And that someone is an editor. In addition to their myriad other skills, many writers on Content Runner keep day-jobs as editors, or have extensive experience performing edits or proofreading. When your project needs that final comb-through, look through the Offerings or search the Writer Directory for freelance editors.

He'll probably never know. Right?

Sorry, Uncle Louie.

A Personal Touch

Many people loathe math. Others can’t stand science. A few individuals – well – it almost hurts me to say it, but there exist certain people who hate writing. If you find yourself in the latter category, you might also notice that from time to time, you’re forced to do it. It could be a summary of a report at work or a birthday note to your great-uncle; whatever it is, consider contracting out your horrible, insurmountable task to someone who might enjoy it. Though it may seem silly to have your family correspondence ghostwritten, realize that your time is actually money: would you rather spend two hours of your time, valued at, say, $35 per hour, poring over a letter to old Uncle Louie? Or is it worth the $10 you spend on Netflix every month to pass the buck to a professional?

Explore Your Options

If your project has unique, seemingly unfulfillable qualities, all is not lost. The Offerings, which showcase the particular talents and abilities of each writer, provide a rich and varied landscape of content creation for you to peruse. From thorough IT case studies, to professional resume review, to editing services and more, our writers have a bevy of experience that they’re just waiting for you to discover. And at the end of the day, if you can’t find a specific answer to fit your need, consider reaching out to some of the writers on your Site-wide Favorites list. It’s carefully curated to contain our most professional, high-quality, responsive, and timely writers.