Content Runner is not just a marketplace it’s a collection of project management tools that will let you effectively and efficiently manage your writing projects. More importantly we want to feel like you own the site, give us suggestions on improvements as well as must have features. We are serious about customizing Content Runner and making it the platform that fits your needs, send me an email at and let me know what you’re looking for.

Our first plan was to create a killer WordPress plugin that allows you to get your articles quickly and easily imported into WP. It must be easy to install, easy to use and do a few things very well and we think we nailed it – try it out!

We also actively seek out different API’s to integrate into the site. One of the initial ones that we implemented was Copyscape. Copyscape is a must have for checking for unique content and making sure that writers aren’t copying and pasting complete sentences into your articles.

Docusign is another connection we made for tracking and managing W9’s. Writers will complete these when they create an account – the W9 will arrive via email, they fill it out electronically and we can access it through Docusign’s API.

Looking for a payment processor was not an easy endeavor. We had worked with Paypal and their API, but it wasn’t our first choice given how painful their API is + the fact we wanted to be able to pay writers by depositing money directly into their bank account. We also wanted to make it so that writers weren’t losing a % of their hard earned money each time they got paid. Whereas Paypal takes a ~3% transaction fee, Balanced Payments takes 0% out of a writer payment when we deposit the money into a US checking account via an ACH transaction. We also looked at Stripe and Braintree before falling in love with Balanced Payments API + the fact they already work with a number of marketplaces.

We are also working with other companies to build their API’s into our platform, we plan to have a big announcement out in November about 2 API’s that will significantly enhance our marketplace.

Why We’re Different than other Content Marketplaces
Textbroker, Skyword, Writer Access and others have adopted similar strategies: collect writers, assign them grades and then charge according to the quality of the writing. If you establish a relationship with a writer, you can’t take that relationship offline. If you already have outstanding writers you work with you can’t easily bring the writers into the marketplace (unless you want to give your writer an immediate 35-45% pay cut).

Even more important to us is that users can set their own price per article. As we roll out more features, some articles are going to have different requirements, these requirements might take more work for writers and therefore they should expect to get paid more. The relationship you have with your writer(s) + the quality + the word count will determine what price you ultimately set for your writing project.