Perhaps you have placed orders for written content on other sites and have not been satisfied with the results. Either the quality was too low, you weren’t allowed to develop relationships with writers, or you wanted more control over the rates you paid to attract quality talent. This led you to check out all of the benefits available to clients of Content Runner. You have read what we have to offer and you’re excited to join us. So what do you do now?

First Things First

The first thing we need you to do is navigate to this page and fill in your desired user name, email address, and the name of the person who controls the account. We immediately send a confirmation email to the address you entered. Once you have confirmed it, the next step is to load your account with funds. The minimum amount is $25 and we accept PayPal as well as all major credit cards. After you have placed your first order, you can redeem a coupon for $20 towards your account.
Content Runner holds the funds you deposit in escrow until you approve each writer’s work. We then deduct the amount and transfer it to the writer’s account. Our staff takes care of all writer payments so you can focus on receiving great content and growing your business by taking care of your own clients. We also handle all end-of-year reporting.

Placing and Reviewing Orders

When placing an order, you have the option of making it available to all registered users of Content Runner, a specific writer pool, sending an order to a user directly, or requesting writers to apply to write the piece. The instructions for placing each type of order are available to you on your account dashboard as well as on this step-by-step video. You should include detailed instructions as well as a word count and suggest writing style. We offer several pre-made templates that outline popular style guides for Internet writing. If you’re stuck for ideas, keep in mind that Content Runner offers a free idea generator when you place your order.

When you receive the completed order, you can accept it as is, request a revision, or reject the order outright. Content Runner encourages both writers and clients to work out any disputes among themselves and does not get involves in any arbitration. This is one of the reason we are able to keep our fees low and maximize payments to writers. Another way we are different from other sites that connect writers and companies needing content is that every client can set his or her own rates. Writers can also set their own rates, which makes the negotiation process easier if you choose to work with an individual writer.

Find the Right Person to Write Your Content

While Content Runner does not test writers when they sign up for our site, we are proud of the hundreds of skilled professionals who choose to do business with us. We understand that you sometimes need a writer with experience in a certain topic or you want to make sure that you work with the most trustworthy person for the job.

With our transparent writer directory, there are several ways to find the ideal writer for your assignment. When you first arrive at the page, you will notice that individual writers are sorted by their last log-in date. You will also see the following statistics:

• Articles completed in the last 30 days
• Total articles completed on Content Runner
• Writer drop rate vs. site-wide drop rate
• Writer revision rate vs. site-wide revision rate

Some writers also choose to include their suggest rate per word on this front page. Additional sorting options for the writer profiles include per-word rate, overall rating, and Twitter follower count. When you find a writer you might be interested in, click on the profile to find out more about him or her. Most people include the niches they have the most experience writing about, their education and writing background, and a writing sample. You can also read reviews from other clients.

We’re Here to Help

The entire Content Runner staff and our team of professional freelance writers are delighted that you have chosen to work with us. If you have questions about placing an order, payments, choosing a writer, or anything else to make your experience here a positive one, just let us know. Our staff is available by phone at 1-877-468-4614 or by email at We’re certain that you will love the transparency, quality, and professionalism here and that this is just the start of a long-term working relationship.