Industries which are traditionally non-digital in nature are finding new ways to benefit from a networked world. New technology and social platforms have sprung up over the last decade providing an excellent marketing potential for all businesses, especially those with grass roots. One industry benefiting from the blossoming digital world is the construction business. Contractors, architects, and material providers have adapted new tools to help streamline their tasks, facilitate faster communication, as well as reach audiences they may not have had access to in the past.

Hammer and NailsGoing Digital

Every construction business knows the value of a web page. As mobile use rises in user browsing, responsive, device-friendly sites are becoming more important than ever. Websites are often the first point of contact between the company and a potential customer who is looking to acquire goods or secure services. These sites, unique to each construction company, are (for the most part) a static portal, providing expected contact information in order to arrange for a quote.

Developing strong content for your site and your site’s blog is vital to creating an audience. For much of the past many construction companies relied on reputation and word-of-mouth to do the marketing for them. That still holds true today, but with the emergence of social media the size and scope of that word-of-mouth potential has increased exponentially.

A Social World

Generating business is about making connections: reaching out to those who have a need that your company can fulfill. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ all facilitate instant, personable marketing to a digital audience. On these sites your company has the opportunity to reach out multiple times a day through information, humor or images. Construction companies can use social media to announce events, new products or an upcoming project to create buzz about your business.

Social sites also allow for the real time interaction with happy or dissatisfied customers. Receiving positive feedback on your company’s profile can mean a boost in your reputation, while proactively addressing problems or dissatisfied customers can also improve audience engagement, increase brand reliability and firmly establish brand identity.

World in the HandGenerating Regular Content

If your construction company is not yet ready to create its own social media or marketing department, consider outsourcing your social media to a company who can help facilitate posting and keep an active profile. When customers can see regular updates they are more likely to leave feedback, as they are more certain they will receive a prompt response. Frequent participation in social media is becoming more important for construction companies looking to take the brand to the next level.