What are your plans for your blog in 2014? Are you working on improving the content on your blog? What about the way you market your blog? Will blogging see a major shift throughout the year? While a great deal of content is created and shared each day, it can make blogging a difficult challenge for many marketers. Here are some tips that will help you keep your blog relevant with readers.

Mobile Appsphoto 1
One of the major changes for blogging in 2014 will include the integration of mobile apps. These apps will allow a company to create blog posts and sync them with an app that updates to a customer’s mobile device. It is an effective way to watch your message spread out to your target market in a timely manner. The use of mobile apps helps to bring your company into 2014 where you can make a difference in the eyes of the customer. With a large majority of consumers using mobile devices, mobile apps give you the ability to remain relevant in your industry. You must focus on posting quality information that will give the reader a reason to read and share it with others. Plan to post at least three times a week to remain relevant to your target market. Not only does the mobile app alert your target market when you upload new blog posts, you can add an extra element to it by using audio or video files. Adding these files can provide the customer with valuable information, and it’s easy for them to share a video with others.

While many companies share blog posts every day, one of the important things to focus on is the way in which you are engaging with the customers. You need to make sure you aren’t just tracking the people that like your posts, but that you focus on discussing things with the customers. Tracking the blog posts that are shared across multiple platforms can give you relevant exposure to your target market, and helps to improve website rankings. To focus on engagement with the customers, you must take the time to ask them questions, read the comments, and follow-up with what the customers are talking about.

Industry Trendsphoto
A large number of companies are predicting that 2014 will have an increase in company’s blogging about industry trends. These trends will include things like breaking news, better practices, upcoming industry changes, and so forth. Staying ahead of the game and not playing catch-up with your competitors will help to grow your blog. You need to give your readers a glimpse of things “behind the scenes” to really get them interested. Relevancy to your customer base is essential to giving them what they want. Use Google Alerts to help you keep an eye on your industry and what is trending in the social media world. Use the information to come up with a strategy that will benefit the customer.

Helping the Customer
One other thing we will see a lot of in this New Year relates to showing your target market how your company can help. You can report information on the industry trends, but show the customer how your company can help them. Are you planning to sell them a service, or are you just offering your opinion? Show the readers why they can trust you. If you attend industry conferences and other events, share this with your readers. You want to show them how you are working to remain relevant with the latest information in your industry. Take the time to engage your customer’s, learn about their individual needs and expectations, and forge ahead with useful content.

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