I’m going to use Content Runner to reach out to writers, pick one and then order 50-100 topics for a new site about lawyers.

Step 1

I’m contacting 3 different writers (using the Writer Directory located here: https://www.contentrunner.com/directory/) to find out if they can help create legal topics. I will take the first one that gets back to me and here is the email I used to approach the writers to find out if they are interested:

I’d like to assign you an order to create topics for lawyers (all different types) and the following areas:

  • how to become a lawyer (think schooling options)
  • certifications available
  • lawyer salaries
  • different types of lawyers and career options
  • etc

I need between 50-100 topics – would you be able to do that?

Step 2

Now that I have my writer, it’s time to load up the funds and place the direct order. I am going to provide the same instructions plus add some details about the word count (50-125 words) and the format (topic sentence + bullets is just fine) that I expect to receive the topics.

I will update this post when I get the topics back and let you all know how it turned out!