On the face of it, construction companies might seem like a boring subject to create content for. To come up with interesting facts and tidbits about the industry you need to understand how construction companies operate. The ideas laid out in this article will get your creativity flowing and keep your construction content fresh.

How does the Bidding Process Work
You need to understand how the competitive bidding process works and approach it from the angle of a general contractor or a sub contractor. A general contractor will be in charge of the entire project and will hire multiple subcontractors complete the job. Think about building a house you need: concrete, wiring, framing (walls), painting, fencing, roofing and much more. If you are writing for a concrete company (sub contractor), ask them how they prepare their bids to submit to general contractors, do they call up the general contractors ahead of time to get more information? How do they handle change orders? What happens if the scope of the project is modified after a bid has been submitted? All of these questions will spur ideas to generate new content.

Buying Construction Leads
Finding new work is a constant battle for construction companies, you need to keep your workers busy and ideally you keep a pipeline of projects for 3-6 months in the future (if not longer). You can generate new business by networking , advertising on the tv or radio or internet, but many companies supplement that by purchasing leads. There are a number of companies that will sell you construction leads and it can help bring in new business. Some questions to ask your construction company about the lead buying process are: What companies do you buy leads from? What percentage of purchased leads are you able to close? What happens if you wait too long to respond to the leads that get emailed or texted to you?

Produce How to Articles and Videos
Many of your potential customers are going to want to understand why you’re the expert in your field. The best way to do that is to create how to articles and videos. For example, if you’re working with a painting company, consider producing how to videos about everything from environmental paints to a walk-through while restoring a historic home to give customers an idea of how your business operates.

Write do it yourself guides and don’t be afraid that you’re going to lose customers! A certain segment of the population is going to do it by themselves and won’t pay you for work, but if they read your expert guides and appreciate your craftsmanship they are going to tell other people.  Create a high quality site with intelligent, informative content and you will make your readers your company’s evangelists.

Create Comprehensive FAQ’s
When your construction company comes on site for a project what’s the first thing that they do? How much time does a project take? Can customer live in their house, while it’s being worked on? What happens if I want something modified during construction? What if the company breaks something in my house during construction, will they pay for it? Will you clean up after the project is finished? How can I pay you?

Those are many of the same questions you would ask if you planned to hire a construction company, so catalogue them and create thorough responses to each question. When customers ask new questions keep building on your FAQ – it’s a great way to get fresh content on the site and address valuable customer concerns at the same time.