Ask the Bankruptcy Lawyer Questions to Understand their Business
Schedule a meeting with your legal client where the primary objective is to ask them about their business and what type of work they perform. Does the lawyer focus on personal or business bankruptcies? What cities do they perform work in? How long have they been practicing? Have they received any awards or commendations? Have their clients given them any testimonials?

Get Granular when Choosing Topics
Let’s assume that the lawyer you are going to write for specializes in business bankruptcies and Chapter 11 cases. So the next step would be to really drill in on Chapter 11 and de-compartmentalize all the steps it takes to file a business bankruptcy. Here are some sample titles:

  • Creating a Chapter 11 Plan
  • Your Chapter 11 Disclosure Statements
  • What is Chapter 11 Plan Voting?
  • Everything you need to know about Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement

Interview Past Clients to Create Case Studies
When you are considering hiring a bankruptcy attorney, you are scared and have no idea what the process will entail. If you are able to read stories about people that have gone before you, it will go a long way to building trust with a lawyer.

Create case studies by interviewing past clients of your bankruptcy lawyer. This is obviously a very sensitive subject matter, so you have to clear everything with the lawyer first, but if you do your content would go a long way to explaining the bankruptcy process. Here are some questions you could ask past clients:

  • What was the one thing that happened that you didn’t expect when you filed for bankruptcy?
  • Who did you talk to before you finally decided to file for bankruptcy?
  • Was your lawyer clear with the expectations and documentation needed to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

The answers to these questions would help you create some useful, interesting and ultimately critical content that will help your lawyer find additional bankruptcy clients.

Research Authoritative Sites to Find Ideas for Content
There are many sites with useful information about Chapter 7, 11 and 13 and you can review these to learn more about bankruptcy. Make sure to ask your legal client for public sites they read on a regular basis, here are 3 to get you started:

Writing articles and blog posts for bankruptcy lawyers can feel like a droll subject when you first approach it. If you use some of the tips outlined in this guide above, you will spice up the content and attract new clients at the same time.