Case Studies

Case Study: Creating Titles for a Lawyer Education Site

I’m going to use Content Runner to reach out to writers, pick one and then order 50-100 topics for a new site about lawyers. Step 1 I’m contacting 3 different writers (using the Writer Directory located here: to find out if they can help create legal topics. I will take the first one that gets back to me and here is the email I used to approach the writers to find out if they are interested: I’d like to assign you an order to create topics for lawyers (all […]

Case Study: How to Write Content for Construction Companies

On the face of it, construction companies might seem like a boring subject to create content for. To come up with interesting facts and tidbits about the industry you need to understand how construction companies operate. The ideas laid out in this article will get your creativity flowing and keep your construction content fresh. How does the Bidding Process Work You need to understand how the competitive bidding process works and approach it from the angle of a general contractor or a sub contractor. A general contractor will be in […]

The Key to Writing a Successful Press Release and Getting Your Business Noticed

A press release is a vital aspect of any businesses’ marketing efforts. It is a fundamental tool of public relations because it provides an effective way for a company to announce news worthy information to the public in order to gain free exposure. A press release can tell a story, help a cause or announce the news about the company, its products or services. Crafting an effective press release takes creativity, research and patience. Make certain that your press release stands out above the rest and attracts the attention that […]

Case Study: What you need to know to Write Professional Content for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Ask the Bankruptcy Lawyer Questions to Understand their Business Schedule a meeting with your legal client where the primary objective is to ask them about their business and what type of work they perform. Does the lawyer focus on personal or business bankruptcies? What cities do they perform work in? How long have they been practicing? Have they received any awards or commendations? Have their clients given them any testimonials? Get Granular when Choosing Topics Let’s assume that the lawyer you are going to write for specializes in business bankruptcies […]