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The Red Pen Is Mightier than the Sword for Hire: How Contract Editors Could Save You Money

The Red Pen Is Mightier than the Sword for Hire: How Contract Editors Could Save You Money

Editors are a vital part of any business that writes anything down, in print or on the web. As it turns out, that’s most businesses. Not convinced that editing is important? Trust me: nobody likes it when there words and grammar ain’t good. (See? That was horrendous, and I apologize.) But having an editor on staff, or employing an editing team, doesn’t always fit into a company’s budget. If there’s no room in the budget for your own staff of editors, contract and freelance editors offer several benefits and could […]

Papa John’s Pizza Party

Papa John's Pizza Party

The Content Runner team had been deliberating what to do with the Super Bowl pot for quite some time. Since not a single person in the office managed to guess a correct score to a Seahawks game the entire season, we all got to decide how to spend the money. It was a unanimous decision this Thursday to spend the non-winnings  on pizza party. As the devastation from the mudslides on March 22nd continues to impact Oso, Washington, companies like Lowe’s, Key Bank, and the Red Cross have been donating […]

Writing Connections : Craigslist + Writer Marketplace + Content Management Tools

The Power of Craigslist Craigslist has such tremendous reach and with it the ability to connect writers with people that need something written. If you post a job looking for writing or editing help, you can expect to get upwards of 50 responses from almost any market in the US. The self reinforcing feedback loop of Craigslist keeps users coming back looking for writers and writers constantly checking to see if there are any new jobs. The upfront part of the connection funnel is extremely powerful and in the next […]