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Here’s our Mission Statement!

We have created the official Content Runner Mission Statement!

Over the last 2 years we have enjoyed building the Content Runner marketplace and creating a great experience for both our users and our writers. Along the way, we realized there is a set of core values that define how we approach future policies and features enhancements. The following post explains why chose our 3 core values of: transparency, flexibility and low fees.

If you were to review mission statements across many different industries, transparency might be the most frequently chosen core value. At Content Runner when we selected transparency it wasn’t because we wanted to follow the herd, we believe that transparency is a major differentiating factor separating us from our competitors.

Why is transparency so critical to the success of Content Runner?

At Content Runner our users and writers plan, brainstorm, discuss and work together in a myriad of different ways. We provide the framework and the structure to create and maintain those relationships and transparency is the core ingredient that makes it all come together. Users know they are working with a real person and our extensive public profiles allow writers to show off their skills and humanize their talents to better attract more work.

Users and writers think of new and creative ways to work together every day. To encourage these exciting projects, we have flexible working relationships as well as flexible pricing. We support different workflows on Content Runner, you can work directly with someone, let writers contact you or assign projects to your own group of writers. We also have flexible pricing: users and writers can both name their own price.

On Content Runner you are only limited by your imagination, if you can dream up your writing project there’s a great chance we can support it!

Low Transaction Fees
Low transaction fees are important to us because it means our writers earn more. Content Runner takes 15% or less from each transaction, which leaves 85% (or more) for writers. By paying our writers the most money of any writing marketplace, we attract professional writers and our users know they are getting high quality content from US based writers.