We just got our press release published on PR Web and are ready to open our doors for more users and writers. Here is the first part of the release, I copied in the first few paragraphs in case you don’t want to read the complete version.


Content Runner Online Writing Marketplace Officially Launches

Content Runner introduces a revolutionary approach to online copy writing and offers a robust suite of project management tools.

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) November 13, 2013

Content Management Solutions, LLC announces the launch of Content Runner (http://www.contentrunner.com), an online writing marketplace that challenges the traditional industry norms.

Content Runner connects writers with the public, supporting the exchange of unique written copy. Content Runner adopts a competitive marketplace approach to pricing by allowing customers to set the price rather than enforcing a set rate sheet. In addition to the copy exchange, Content Runner also offers project management tools to facilitate the writing and publication process.

Open Lines of Communication
Marketplace incumbents have historically served as intermediaries between publishers and writers, censoring information that might enable the parties to operate independently. Content Runner creates an open environment where customers are encouraged to interact directly with writers, absent communication barriers that only serve to inhibit the writing process and protect exorbitant profit margins.

“We realized little value from the services provided by the exchanges operating today. We wanted to build a marketplace that eliminated unnecessary costs,” said Ryan Devereux, co-founder of Content Runner.


If you want to read the entire PR Web release, feel free!