thin-logoAPI Rollout Complete
We made this announcement via an earlier newsletter, but I want to again highlight the fact that we just rolled out the Content Runner API. We are more than happy to walk you through a custom integration, so please reach out with any questions.

Social Media Follower Data
Many of our Writers are active on social media and we are going to start displaying follower count data (LinkedIn and Twitter at first) in the Writer Profiles. There will also be a way to sort this data and a new drop down option will be added to the Writer Directory. We plan to complete this rollout by early next week.

Updates to the Terms of Use
Content Runner has been growing rapidly, and we thank all of our Users and our Writers for continuing to work together. Lately, we have noticed that a couple of Writers have been actively soliciting Users to take work offline and outside of Content Runner. In order for us to continue adding new features and providing our excellent customer support we need Users and Writers to conduct transactions on the site.

We are different than other content marketplaces in that we let Users and Writers work directly together—you’re free to make phone calls, send files back and forth (outside of CR), and communicate freely both within and without our messaging system, and this will continue to be allowed. Transparency is important to us (check out my post about the future of online marketplaces), and that hasn’t changed. There will be some modifications coming in the next week that will address this issue, and we are going to update the Terms of Use (stay tuned for more detail in a future post).

Writers Are Going to Earn More Money Very Soon
We are proud to have the lowest transaction fee (15% is our base rate) relative to the other writing marketplaces (most take 30% or more of the payments to the Writers). By paying out more than the competition we are able to attract and retain the highest quality Writers. The goal on Content Runner has always been for Users and Writers to create personal relationships and we want to further incentivize this behavior. We are going to announce a new fee structure that will result in lower fees (and higher payouts) for Writers who are doing a lot of work with a particular User. We will be lowering the transaction rate (starting at 15%) based on the volume (measured in dollars) with that User, so fostering lasting relationships will really pay off. We plan to have this in place by the end of February or early March.

Writer Submissions and Quality
Recently there have been complaints that Writers have been submitting gibberish or copied content to Users as a first draft. Writers have been doing this to circumvent the drop statistics, and it ends up being an awful experience for our Users. We take quality very seriously and if we find out that a Writer has done this we are going to enforce a 1-month ban from Content Runner. After the ban, a Writer can appeal for reinstatement and we may give them another chance to come back and work on the site. We want both Users and Writers to respect each other (and their deadlines), and this new rule will go a long way toward solving this problem.

Thank You!
Content Runner would not be what it is today without our users and writers. We appreciate your continued support and if you have any questions about these updates please reach out to us.