Here's Chad. Hi Chad!

Here’s Chad. Hi Chad!

We have been working hard on new features for Content Runner. Big or small if you have an update to propose, send us an email and we can add it!

Order Form Update
One of our users had a great suggestion, when you have multiple articles and you want to assign each of them as a direct order, give the option to automatically select the same “direct” writer.

For example, if you have 10 pages of website copy for a specific writer and each page that you add to an order you have to type the writer’s name into the box for it to pull up and select. Now, the order form will automatically input that name used for the first article in the second box and so on. Then, if you need to change writers, you can always just backspace that name and find another.

Deadline Extensions
We know that writers aren’t always able to get a project done by the deadline and that is why we send out reminder notices, give extra time to complete the content and only then do we revoke an article from a writer. If your writer reaches out to you for more time, users now have the option to “give the writer more time”when an article is in the status of “writing in process”. In your Dashboard click on the “i” next to the title of your article and you will get a popup window where you can update the deadline.

Giving Users More Control for Revoked and Dropped Articles
When a writer unexpectedly fails to complete a project on time that causes problems for our users. The default setting when an article gets dropped or not completed in time is that it will revert back to the original status. So for example if you placed a pool order to the “site wide favorites” with a deadline of 7 days and that article is revoked from a writer, it will restart with exactly the same settings. Some users wanted to be able to update the deadline and shorten it after it gets dropped so that they can get a quicker turnaround (since it is already late). We have added this as a new setting under “Article Controls” – if you toggle this option on when an article is revoked from a writer it will be returned to you as a user in “rejected by writer” status and you will have to manually go in and resubmit the article (and at this point you can shorten the deadline).

Home Page Redesign
We launched our original home page over 2 years ago and it’s time for a new look! We are hard at work on the new design and plan to launch the new home page in the next 2-3 weeks.