Clearly outlining your expectations is the best way to ensure that you receive quality work from writers at Content Runner. One way to achieve this is to create your own style guide or use one of our four pre-loaded templates when placing an order. These include:

  • Inbound Marketing Guide: This type of content addresses a reader’s need and describes how your company’s products or services can meet it. The content should be informative and genuinely useful rather than purely promotional.
  • Promotional Blog Post: The type of content uses more promotional language than the inbound marketing guide. However, the goal of convincing the reader to use your company’s product or service or to adopt its view on a topic is similar.
  • Thought Leader/White Papers: We make it clear with this template that the intended reader is someone who already has deep knowledge about the topic. Therefore, writers should assume the readers of their content are familiar with basic concepts and terms already. The goal is less to inform and more to position your company as an industry leader.
  • Press Release: For this style guide, we describe the newsworthy and non-promotional nature of the press release. We also instruct the writer to avoid writing in first person and describe the precise outline that most publishers require for press releases. This typically includes a title, body, and contact information.

What each of these templates has in common is that they tell the writer the purpose of the assignment and where the client intends to publish the work. They also provide specific guidelines, such as sticking to professional language, citing references, using section headers, and not mentioning the competition. You are welcome to copy all or part of one of our style guides and then add more of your own wording to make it unique to your company.

Our writers can also see the type of content that you have ordered when they claim an order from the open order pool. Before they click on the available assignment to read more about it, they see blog post, press release, white paper, or another descriptive term on the far left. Along with your style guide, this information gives them the details they need to start writing your content.

If you choose to create your own style guide, you may want to include a website link to the company that the content will benefit. You can also include your preferences for tone, sentence length, reading ease, and anything else that comes to mind. Be sure to answer any clarifying questions a writer has so you can get the copy you need without having to request revisions.

Communicate with the Writer After Reviewing the Assignment

One of the benefits of Content Runner is that we allow you to build professional relationships with your favorite writers by encouraging open communication. You can always post your work to an open order pool now and then develop an exclusive relationship with those whose work exceeds your expectations.

Providing feedback on how well the writer followed the style guide helps you to receive even better content the next time. You should also ask writers to provide feedback to you so you can improve the way you write instruction on future orders. We have found that the best way to increase article quality is for both parties to commit to effective communication.