One of the best things a company can do to improve their relationship with customers is to spend time focusing on developing quality content. A large number of companies will spend a great deal of time on social media to connect with their customers, but they fail to foster relationships through the content they provide. Content is essential to your company as it gives your customers something to look forward to reading and sharing with their network. Content on your blog relates to blog posts, podcasts, videos, and other content you can generate and share. Give your readers something valuable, and they will gladly share it for you.

Establish Your Reputation
One of the reasons to pay attention to your blog is to help establish your reputation. A blog is completely controlled by you, allowing you to write posts pertaining to industry issues. This helps you to position your business as the experts in the industry. It puts you in a position of authority, and it can go a long way to prove to the consumer why they should trust your company over others. Customers want to work with the companies that have the best experience and understanding of the market. Always look at the topic ideas from the eyes of the customer. What do they expect to learn from the blog posts? You want your customers to see that you have an opinion about your industry. You have knowledge and expertise to share, and the customers want to read about it.

Boost Your Rankings
The search engines want to see companies uploading new content. By taking the time to properly optimize the content you upload, you can see an increase in your Internet rankings. The great part about generating high quality content for your blog is that it can start to market itself. You won’t need to participate in expensive marketing strategies to try and generate interest. By uploading new content on a consistent basis, and marketing it through the right social media and networking channels, it will garnish the right attention on its own.

Social PresenceCR Twitter
Using social media to promote your new content will allow you to become engaged with the customers. You have something valuable to share with your audience and they want to see what your company has to offer. By uploading new blog posts, and sharing your blog with them on social media, it proves to them that you know your industry inside and out. You can use social media to add to conversations, and link your new post to the conversations. When you are consistent about sharing content, it allows your audience to fully engage with your site. The more you share your content with your followers, the more your followers will be incentivized to share that content with their followers, and so on.

Low Cost
Unlike your website and other marketing promotions, a blog is fairly inexpensive. Besides the time it takes you to create the content, the blog won’t cost you anything. It is an extension of your website, making it free for most companies. It can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies you use to generate more interest in your company. Take your blog to the next level by creating a unique template.  It may help to work with an SEO branding company as you focus on creating a unique blog and developing social strategies to improve your website ranking.

If you are having issues coming up with topics and titles for your blog, you can utilize the Idea Generator found on the top right-hand corner of your Dashboard. If you have generated a title and topic, but have found that you simply do not have time to write an entire post, submit the article to be written by a Content Runner Writer. Content Runner is here to make sure your content marketing strategy is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.