Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetYou may be familiar with the favorites feature on Content Runner, but unsure how it can benefit you as a Writer. In addition to a site-wide favorites list, Users can construct their own favorite lists, and the benefits of being placed on any of these lists are numerous. It typically leads to consistent, higher-paying work, and helps you build a solid relationship with Users.

But how do you get on the list in the first place? Here are three tips to help new Writers seeking to make the move up to site-wide favorites or get placed on User favorite lists.

Make Use of Constructive Criticism
It is hard sometimes to work really hard on something and be proud of it, only to receive a note saying it needs some work. Instead of reacting negatively to feedback (even if it may not come off as constructive), part of being a content writer is meeting the voice and needs of each project. While this by no means allows harassment or degradation on the part of Users, any Writer knows that having a thick skin and knowing how to adapt is a skill needed to survive and thrive. This also means knowing when to ask questions and admit when you’re unsure. Give yourself room to grow as a Writer!

Don’t Drop a Lot of Articles
When getting started, you need to effectively manage your time. This means not biting off more than you can chew! If you take on too many projects, odds are one or two will slip through the cracks, and if you have a high drop rate, you aren’t likely to speed up getting added to a favorites list. Making sure you can complete articles in a timely, efficient and productive manner will lead to less stress on you, and most likely, higher satisfaction from Users.

Consistent Presence and Updated Profile
One of the biggest pillars of pride for Content Runner is our transparency. One way you can contribute to this, and get yourself on the fast track for consistent, high-paying work is having a complete and accurate profile, and make sure you have a steady presence on the site. Making sure you are building your stats, getting positive reviews and feedback are long-term ways to establish yourself on Content Runner and make your way into the favorites. Practicing open and honest communication with your needs, wants and expectations of Users is a way to build trust as well.

Writers Can Favorite Users, Too
Something for Users to keep in mind is that they can be “favorited” as well. While the benefits of it may not be immediately apparent, it is something to be aware of. If people don’t enjoy writing for you, you are less likely to get the best Writers picking up the work you have available. Make sure your pricing is fair, you’re giving Writers consistent feedback and instructions and communicating openly with them.