It’s been a while since we’ve done a Featured Team Member post. The Content Runner team has been rearranged a bit since April, with some of us embarking on new journeys and others joining the Content Runner legacy. With that said, it’s time to introduce one of our newer team members, the vivacious editor and project manager, Amanda Green!


Tell us about yourself.

I’m 26, was born in Sacramento, California, but moved all up and down the west coast through most of my childhood, mostly in Oregon, Idaho and Washington. I’m the oldest of four, I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Washington. I would have liked to be a creative writing major but I wanted something more practical, and as social media was just taking off, I thought I might as well catch the new wave in to a career I’d enjoy. After college I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico and worked at a newspaper for three years before I moved back to Washington, where the weather is much more my speed. Prior to Content Runner, I worked for Nordstrom in their packaging department where I learned a whole bunch about project management and fashion. Though the latter didn’t stick as well as the former.

What made you decide to choose Content Runner?

In April 2014, I was offered an Editor position at Content Runner, which transitioned rather quickly in to a project manager position, and provided me with more challenges and opportunities to do the things I love to do. The reason Content Runner appealed so much to me, was that despite the great time I had at Nordstrom, the corporate structure was a little stuffy to me. Creative ideas and inspiring thoughts get lost when there are too many rungs on the ladder. I prefer an environment that is open and able to change in a moments notice, adapting to the situation. I’m the type of person who likes to actually see the work I’m doing affect people, one of the reasons I enjoyed being a reporter so much. I enjoy being the little engine who could, and feeling the passion behind a smaller business who has some great ideas, concepts and the passion to really drive it home.

phonto (3)What do you love about editing? What do you love about writing?

An editor has great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. As an editor you get the last say in the quality of an article, blog post or newspaper section. You’re obligated to do your best to catch mistakes, inaccuracies or random thoughts which may distract the reader from the art that is the written word. I think many people forget that writing, creatively at least, is an art. Writers create beauty, thought, and controversy on the canvas with words. Writing has purpose, style, and on occasion a will of its own. I started writing at 14, when I woke up from a strange dream. I didn’t want to forget it, and so I pulled out a notebook, and began to write. I filled the entire notebook that day at the lunch table in school. There were hundreds of notebooks to follow, and I still have some of them…somewhere.

When you aren’t editing content for Content Runner, what do you do in your spare time?

When I was 15, I discovered historical romances, as I found one (with a hunky man/lovely woman on the cover) on my mom’s nightstand. I “borrowed” it, read it, and knew what I wanted to write about next! I’ve probably written 200 short stories, usually with some element of that happily ever after, though not always historical. I wrote and read for fun, while my peers were involved in other after school activities. I may have, at some point, developed a small obsession with Nora Roberts/JD Robb. It’s been a 10 year love affair. I still write, creatively, on a daily basis when I get home from work, often times with a writing partner who helps me craft new plots, explore characters, and delve in to my own omnipotent world.

When I’m not writing (which is rarely) I spend a lot of time at the gym. I played women’s rugby in college, which really opened my eyes up to heavy lifting, and I realized that you could be female AND be strong. Otherwise, I watch a lot of Netflix, hang with my family, and try to go camping at least a few times a year.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

I’ve traveled quite a bit, including a 2 week trip to Morocco, which was mind-blowing. I’ve been to Canada for the winter Olympics, Spain, and France. The next trip I hope to take is to Ireland, where I’d like to go backpacking for at least a month, to give myself a chance to explore my roots. If I could go anywhere, it would be there.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Food and I don’t get along very well. It’s like being an alcoholic, but with cake. So, if I could still survive without food, that’s what I would prefer to do.

If you weren’t an editor, what would you be?

There was a time in college I took a course to fill some elective credits in the Law, Society, and Justice discipline. I fell in love. Unfortunately, I was only a quarter or two away from graduation, so I didn’t think it was the best idea to switch majors and increase my already crushing student debt. I’d been preparing myself to take the Civil Service Exam required to become a Police Officer before graduation, but was offered a chance to use my degree in New Mexico, so I made the decision to pursue that. As much as I love to write and edit, exploring the really fascinating growth of social media and content marketing, I’d still very much like to attempt the exam, which is why so much of my time is dedicated to the gym. I’m not a runner, but as a 10 minute mile is required to pass the test, I do it anyway, one limp at a time.

phonto (2)What is your biggest grammatical pet peeve?

My biggest grammatical peeve is the misuse of your and you’re, there, they’re, and their. It always makes me cringe.

What is your favorite type of article/subject to review?

As a “law enforcement nerd” (I get a little excited when I see a patrol officer go code on someone, aka lights and siren) I’ve had way too much fun writing articles on statutes, laws, procedures and other officer-related genres. I truly believe that when you’re genuinely interested in a subject, and have passion for it, when you write about it, the writing becomes kind of….transcendent. The reader knows you care, trusts you as an authority, and is far more responsive to what you have to say. There’s not a particular “kind” of article I enjoy editing, as your brain switches to the details rather than the enjoyment when you’re looking for corrections. However, I do have a few preferred writers that I may enjoy a little more simply because their writing is so clean. Meaning, there are very few, if any, errors, and the writing flows smoothly, informatively.