What product or service do you offer to customers? How is your product or service used? How long have you been in the business of providing your product or service to customers? These are important questions for you to ask yourself as a user of a content writing service in order to determine what voice best communicates your ideas to existing and potential customers of your business.

The voice of your business is something that resonates with consumers and grabs their attention. It is the way your business speaks to its customers and what customers hear about the type of company you are. A company that specializes in selling skateboards and Doc Marten boots to teens may have an informal tone when communicating versus a Wall Street investment bank that specializes in managing large trust funds and portfolios in excess of $10 million each. This type of business would more than likely adopt a formal, conservative tone.

Finding a tone for your business is not an exact science. What it requires is an exploration into the type of business you have and the type of business you want to be. The ways that you can locate the voice of your business and consistently communicate in that tone requires you to engage in a few exercises. These include: (1) creating a mission statement for the business; (2) building a forwarding looking vision statement that tells people what you hope to become; and, (3) give your business a distinct voice that you can hear when requesting written content.

Create a Mission Statement  Stacy Thinking
Every Business 101 course will tell you that as a business owner you need to develop a mission statement. What is a mission statement? This is an expression, written with no more than 2 or 3 sentences, that tells individuals who you are and what you hope to become. A well written mission statement is specific to the goals and objectives of the business you are in and sets forth a road map to success for the business. These questions will be answered by your mission statement: (i) What is our business?; (ii) How do we do business?; (iii) Who are our customers?; and, (iv) What value do we create by being in business?

It is important to have a mission statement because it will help a Writer learn the tone of your written content. It is easier to find your voice as a business and create a consistent tone with a well-planned and written mission statement.

Envision What Your Business Looks Like  
Hand in hand with your mission statement should be a vision statement.  A vision statement is a guide that tells about your travel down a specific road, what you saw along the journey and the results of your journey. It is short and to the point. If well communicated, it describes your business, in future tense, and gives you the vision for success needed to guide your business practices. A vision statement is as important as a mission statement in helping you develop your tone and voice and seek this in the writing content you request.

Give Your Business a Voice
Consider these two greetings:

A.    “Whassup! Come on in bro and gear up!”

B.    “Welcome and good day! How may we serve you?”

The two sentences above say essentially the same thing only to a different audience. Take the previous example of the skateboard shop versus the money management firm. Which do you suppose would write using greeting A and which of the two companies would adopt greeting B as their tone? Hopefully you guessed the skateboard shop’s voice is A and the money manager B.

When finding a voice for your business, it can be effective to hire a content writer who has experience in developing tones and voices for businesses. Content Runner staffs hundreds of Writers with a variety of writing skills and abilities. Many of these Writers can structure content to match an existing tone or create one from scratch. If you require assistance creating an “About Us” page, a mission statement, or need written content to describe each section of your website, we have Writers who can produce content to meet the needs of any business or voice.

Your voice, built on your mission and vision statements and a reflection of the type of business you are in and the customers who you seek to attract or have, will answer all of the questions posed in this article. The key is putting in the work to define yourself so that you know where you are going and the right road to travel to get there!