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Content marketers can burn out, just like people in any other profession. It’s hard enough to create or outsource great content, let alone know the best way to market it. Your old ideas are getting boring and they’re not producing the engagement you want anyway. If you can relate to any of these statements, here are some ideas you may want to consider from

1.     Find your top posts and turn them into a slide share. You probably know by now that visual content grabs people’s attention far more than written content alone. You can combine the best of both worlds by determining the top five or so posts from your website that have received the most comments and social shares. It’s easy to figure this out with your website’s analytics tools. Once you have identified them, create a Power Point presentation and put it on the front page. Readers may be so impressed with your most highly rated posts that they decide to check out the rest of the content on your website.

2.     Feature a question from a customer every week. For every one person who writes in with a question, there are probably 10 more wondering the same thing. After editing the question for clarity and appropriateness, answer it on the home page of your website. It lets your readers and customers know that you take their concerns seriously and clears away hurdles they may have had before considering your products or services.

3.     Get out your crystal ball and try to predict future trends in your industry. You might not feel qualified to do this, but you know significantly more than your customers or clients do. Decide to set aside time every month or quarter to review what has been going on in your industry and predict what might happen in the immediate future. As long as you don’t make any guarantees, no one is going to come back later to say that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

4.     Generate excitement about an upcoming product or service. If you just drop the new offering on people one day, they won’t know what to think so may end up ignoring it altogether. A better strategy is to outsource a series of blog posts where the writer highlights a specific feature of the new product or service. This will build anticipation in advance of release day.

5.     Write a post about a recent event in your industry. Did you attend a conference and now have a lot of new information to impart to your website visitors? Start by summarizing the event, including when you attended and where it took place. After that, describe what you learned with such enthusiasm that your website visitors will want to learn it too. If it’s something that your company sells, all the better.

Now that you have new ideas for your content marketing strategy, make sure that you format the posts in a way that will generate attention and excitement. You’re in the right place if you need freelance writers to create the new posts for you. Just browse our writer directory to find the perfect person for your next project.