Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog written by one of our fabulous Writers on Content Runner, her username is michregtydy and she has written more than 1,000 articles for Users on the site. She’s here to share some tips for both Users and Writers on how to successfully use the Content Runner platform! Thanks, michregtydy!

For those of you new to the Content Runner platform, you may wonder how you can hit the ground running and take off on a successful writing experience. As a writer who’s been with CR almost since its inception, I have 1,250 articles under my belt.

Writer michregtydy!

Writer michregtydy!

Much of my work is now through direct orders from clients who like what I’ve done in the past and would like to work just with me. They know they can trust the deliverables and the work will meet their expectations in terms of quality. This is great for me because it means more pay and more chance of side jobs that could bring in a lot of cash. But it hasn’t always been that way.

As a freelance writer for more than 12 years, I’ve done editing work for consulting firms, writing content for web designers and churning out articles for content farms online. When I got starting on Content Runner, I didn’t realize that this platform would be different and would actually open a lot of doors for me. I started out here doing basic articles at basic pay—in fact, I still do!

Never discount the small jobs because they will be there to save you when you need to pay the bills. For a good year I slogged through, building up my article count, as well as relationships with clients. I was drawn to Content Runner thanks to its easy-to-use platform, super helpful support staff that always gets back to me when I have an issue, and clients who are respectful and grateful for the work the Writers provide. I also love that payment arrives like clockwork every Tuesday so you know you can count on that money no matter what. Articles are pushed through fairly quickly and as a freelance writer, it is much appreciated.

However, there is more going on here that has benefited me. What started happening in the last year or so is that more and more clients began contacting me privately through CR to see if I’d be interested in side projects for them, or even direct orders that they send right to me. This has helped me build rapport with a variety of clients on the CR platform to pave the way for extra side jobs as well as more work on Content Runner itself. With direct orders, I now have my pick of better paying jobs in which I have more freedom to explore my expertise and knowledge about various subject matters.

For Users looking for Writers on the CR platform, this is good news as well. After trying out a spectrum of Writers on open orders, you can better pinpoint which ones have the most knowledge about a particular subject matter.

You can also determine which writing styles most match your own voice and then narrow it down from there. Finding a writer or two who knows exactly what you’re after every time and can seamlessly deliver a timely, well-rounded article that follows directions gives you peace of mind and confidence in the work you will find here at Content Runner. You can then place direct orders with those Writers you like the best and always know the quality will be just what you expect. You can’t put a price on that.

Writers may be wondering how you can get to a place where you’ve gained the attention of Users and start to reap the benefits of direct orders. Well, I have a few tips for those just starting out here:

  • Take all the articles you can reasonably do within the deadline given and DO THEM. Don’t take an article unless you’re sure you can/want to do it.
  • Never dump an article after you’ve taken it—this will ding your score.
  • Address all points in the instructions before submitting to avoid a rewrite request, which will also affect your score. This doesn’t mean you can avoid all rewrites. Some clients are just finicky and want more from you than they originally said—in this case, you just have to roll with the punches. Other clients have a legitimate concern that you probably forgot to address.
  • Address all rewrites same-day.
  • Answer any direct orders, emails or requests immediately
  • The client is always right. Be courteous and friendly even when you think the request may seem absurd to you.
  • Write at least one article every day through Content Runner. I do at least a couple standard ones in addition to direct orders, just to keep my hand in it, but that’s because I have so many other projects going on. In the beginning, I worked almost exclusively on CR and was doing up to six articles a day here.
  • Keep a bookmark tab handy on your computer for reputable sources on different subjects. This will speed up the research process if you know just where to head when you need facts.
  • Say yes to everything. If you’re serious about being a writer and making money, don’t decline a request or direct order from anybody. The only exception is if you truly know nothing about the subject matter. However, Writers are inherently adaptive creatures. If you’re good, you know that you can take a topic and run with it even if you know nothing about industrial generators, sleep apnea, tech gadgets or green building.

You have to start somewhere. I can’t tell you how much I know about random topics now gleaned from 12 years of freelance writing. Over the next months and years, you will become an expert on pretty much any topic!

Building up trust with Users takes time, so don’t expect it to happen overnight, or even in the next few months. But it will happen provided you’re dedicated and committed to making this your daily work. Check in often and be present. It will pay off!