We are happy to present our next guest post from another talented writer on our site. LionShark has written more than 100 articles on Content Runner and receives consistently good reviews on her work, and she’s always pleasant to work with. Read about her experiences with Content Runner below. 

I got my start with Content Runner in a really surprising way, but even more surprising is where Content Runner has taken me since.

Kate 'LionShark' Pierce

Kate ‘LionShark’ Pierce

Earlier this year I had just launched my own online marketing business and decided to do some freelance copywriting to cover the startup costs. I had been writing for many years both personally and professionally, so I was well versed in a lot of different writing styles. I was doing one-off projects on my own when one of the founders of Content Runner contacted me and complimented my work. Apparently, he had read some of my pieces on larger publications and was interested in having a conversation. He informed me that they were looking to bring on some featured writers and asked me if I would like to join and get started. I was incredibly flattered! To know that someone appreciated my work was really gratifying!

Then it dawned on me that I had never written anything for the publications he mentioned. I did an online search, and sure enough, they were written by a woman with the same name. I considered it an auspicious mistake and introduced myself with some of my actual work (including the blog I maintain regularly) and hoped for the best. Maybe he was impressed with my honesty. Maybe he actually really liked my work as well. Or maybe I was just really quick to respond and they needed one more featured writer ASAP. I’ll never know. But ultimately the featured writer pool did have room for me and I came on board.

Now, that may have been the funniest part of my Content Runner story, but the most surprising part is actually what came next. When I joined, the “Offerings” feature was in beta, so I was one of the first users to test it out. I crafted my offerings without a sense of what the rest of the Content Runner writers had to offer and hoped for the best. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the Offerings, but everything else I had seen from the community made me optimistic.

I was added to multiple writer pools and soon I was establishing ongoing relationships with clients. These relationships led to more projects being sent to me directly and my Offerings being purchased. In fact, the amount of work that was being made available to me allowed me to do these projects exclusively. All of the clients that I worked with were respectful and professional, which is something that I think really sets Content Runner apart from other writer marketplaces. I actually became friends with several of them outside of Content Runner as a result of work that we had done together.

In my time on Content Runner, I have been given numerous opportunities to expand my repertoire and grow as a writer. I never know what kind of opportunity I’ll be presented with next. Whether it’s writing blog posts and press releases or case studies and technical e-books, I’m fortunate to be able to grow my writing skillset all the time through Content Runner. I’m also able to select projects in industries that I just want to learn more about, which is very rewarding.

If you asked me what I was looking for when I started out with Content Runner, it would have been a two-word answer —a paycheck. But if you ask me now what I’ve gotten out of it since, that would be a much longer conversation!