We’ve been hard at work in December on many new features (more details to come in subsequent blog posts). The biggest project was our complete overhaul of the writer directory:

  • Writer Stats are displayed more prominently on the writer directory search page
  • Niche information is now displayed and you can see what each writer has been working on (ordered by volume
  • Writers that are below the site wide revision rate % (currently at 3.9%) will show their revision rate % highlighted and bolded in green
  • You can see the last login date for each writer directly under their profile image
  • Expanded Filter options – you can now search writers by their suggested price per word as well as their last login date. Also check the boxes on multiple categories and get increased results when you search.
  • Writer profile pages now accommodate: CV’s, education, certifications and city and state information. Not all writers have included this level of detail, but we will be prompting them to include it!


Here’s what is slated to rollout in January 2014 for the writer directory:

  • You will soon be able to search the entire writer directory by typing in words and phrases into a search box. We have started on this and hope to have it all done by the middle of January.
  • When you filter by niche we will bold and highlight that niche in the writer profile so you can see which writers are relevant for your filter.

As always if you’re looking for a feature we don’t have send us an email we can get it added to our production queue!