Titles offer a sense of identity while also enticing your target audience. This is not only true of articles or movies, but blog posts as well (or blog posts that incorporate movies). Engaging titles are important because the amount of information that is available to a consumer is astronomical, and one’s headline is the billboard or marketing material for whatever it is. Often times, the title either makes or breaks the content. This blog is banking on there being an audience of wizards and witches among our readers as well as content marketers.

The Absence of Titles Will Result in the Absence of Readers
Not having a title for your blog post does not frame the article in any way. The reader will not have any idea of how to approach the topic at hand. If your opening paragraph does not engage your readers, your post is likely to go unread — a blog without a title is very much a blog post wearing an invisibility cloak. It will go unnoticed and unread.

Your Titles Must Be as Engaging than Your Content
Having great content is necessary for marketing business; however if the title of the content piece is dry or lacks appeal, the content will most likely go unread. Individuals who look for information through blogs and surfing the internet are lured to investigate further by clicking on titles that pique their interest.  The amount of loyal readers who will read a blog regardless of what the title states is minimal, because no-one has time to consistently read about uninteresting items.

The ability to express exactly what one said they were going to in the headline is as paramount to the company credibility and customer satisfaction as follow through on the products or services.

Zippy'sWhy It Is Important That Titles are Not Misleading
Creating engaging, yet informative, blog titles requires balance. The titles must grab the readers attention immediately, but they must also be relevant to the material being presented. If you have written a blog about SEO tactics, it is important you do not have a title that reads “Top 10 Best Puppy Photos”. This will mislead your readers and discredit your blog.

Titles mismatched with articles are similar to the sales strategy of bait and switch. This strategy is not legal in sales, but in journalism it is simply a bad idea.  Some campaigns circulating on social media sites start by displaying a funny picture and then following with a worthy cause. This often not only turns the reader off of the material being presented, but it will also detour them from the source offering the information. While not as blatant, miss-titled blogs elicit the same unpleasant emotional reaction from readers. The bait and switch strategy can backfire.

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