Love is in the air here at Content Runner from Matt’s passion of coding to Tawny’s love of language, we are crazy about creating content for the masses that is as engaging and well-received as it is informative. While the primary goal of adding content to your website is to increase your SEO and inform your readers about the topic at hand—your content must be engaging in order to keep your readers coming back time and time again. Creating engaging content requires your voice to be creative in your writing, delivery, and presentation. Creating engaging content for your website or blog will ensure readers fall in love you and your mission.

Matt Love

Eat. Sleep. Code.

Make it Fun 
While the primary goal of your content is to deliver information, find a way to make it fun for your target audience. Making your content fun can be achieved numerous ways—such as writing with humor, referencing current events, and including real-life scenarios. You could even turn your content into a fictional story, an entertaining poem, a song, and look for ways to encourage interaction.

Make It Relevant
While it is likely that you understand that your content can not be too sales heavy, it does need to be relevant to your reader base and business. For example, if your website is for a yoga studio you can post articles about health and wellness, healthy recipes, and alternative medicine. While this content is not exactly about yoga, it is in the same genre and supports the same goals that clients and customers visiting a yoga website would be interested in.

Tawny Love

I like big words and cannot lie.

Make it Visually Appealing
There are many ways to make content visually appealing. Some of the most basic ways are to alter the size and style of your font, and break up content with headings, subheadings, bullet points, and lists. For example, readers enjoy reading about the “Top 5 Ways to X, Y, and Z.” To further add visual appeal and to cater to different learning styles and methods of processing information, you can add relevant pictures to your content, link to external sources, and post relevant videos.

Make it Easy to Read and Share
With more of your website visitors reading your online content via their mobile devices, creating a responsive website is a must. Once your readers view an engaging and informative article, they may want to share it with their friends. To make your content easy to share add quick links that allow them to share it on their favorite social media sites, or email to a friend.

Give Your Readers a Reason to Return
Even if your website is not an outlet for direct online sales, the frequency in which your readers and clients visit keeps you top of mind. There are many things you can do to encourage your readers to continue to return to your site regularly, such as the ideas below:

  • Post Regularly
    If you excel in posting engaging content, but don’t post frequently your readers will be disappointed that you don’t have something new to share. Shoot for posting between 1-3 pieces of content each week.
  • Become a Resource
    Craft your content in a manner that makes you become a resource or the “go-to” expert on the information you are sharing. To make finding the past content on your site easy to find, categorize your content and/or add a search bar to your website.
  • Create a Reoccurring Theme
    As a general rule your content should be fairly short and sweet, but if you have a larger piece of in
    formation you would like to share, you can easily create a reoccurring theme or a series of articles on the same topic.

Once you gain a reputation as a site that posts quality and engaging content, your readers will return time and time again. They will share and recommend your site and valuable information with their others. This will result in the love of you and your business spreading farther than you ever could have imagine. If you are having issues producing content regularly or would like help generating ideas, sign up for a User account today and let us help you fall in love with content marketing.