When a User posts an order, she has the option to limit the visibility of her order so that only her Favorites Pool can accept and work on the articles. This gives her peace of mind: she knows that any Writer in that pool is talented and she trusts that they’ll produce excellent content. It also means that if you’re a Writer on Content Runner, it’s in your best interest to get in the Users’ good graces. Not quite sure how to win over Content Runner’s Users and become one of their Favorites? Keep reading—here are the three things you need to do to impress Users and get added to their Favorites lists.

1) Write Your Heart Out

Check out that boss stamp!

You just know this gentleman’s writing is exemplary.

The first tip is obvious: write. Your skill as a writer is your best asset, so make sure it’s on full display. Overwhelm the User with your clever turns of phrase and carefully crafted arguments. Bowl him over with thoroughly researched and well-organized articles, impeccable grammar and tactful inclusion of keywords. Nothing will impress a User as much as thoughtful, well-written articles, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. This might mean spending a little longer than you otherwise would researching, drafting and going over the final product before you submit it.

If you’re not in the habit of revising your work, there’s no time like the present to start. Read back over your work and make sure you’ve satisfied the prompt and included any keywords you were supposed to use. Try reading your finished article out loud; it might feel a little silly at first, but you’ll stumble across typos and awkward phrasing that you wouldn’t notice if you were reading silently to yourself. When you’re confident you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s, go ahead and submit your work.

2) Treat Every Message Like an Interview

I’ve written before about the power of a single typo to damage a reputation. An error in a huge ad campaign can be devastating for businesses, but it can just as easily unravel a Writer’s hard-won credibility. You’re already on the lookout for grammatical slips and typos in your articles, but it’s important to stay on your guard any time you communicate with a User.

Every time you make contact with a User your writing should be flawless. No grammatical mistakes, no words spelled incorrectly and no typos should be present in any messages you send. That might sound a little intimidating, but think of it this way: the User knows you only through your writing and an error in your writing—any writing—demonstrates a lack of care, even if it was an honest mistake. We all slip up from time to time—I just wrote “queue” when I meant “cue” not three minutes ago—but the onus is on us to correct those errors before anyone has a chance to see them. You wouldn’t submit a resume to a potential employer without double- and triple-checking it for errors, and you shouldn’t send a message to a User without treating it with the same care.

3) Be Patient (and Polite)

Users are busy—they have a lot of articles in progress and responsibilities beyond Content Runner to take care of besides. For a Writer who’s put the effort in to write stellar articles, the wait to receive revision notes or get an article accepted can feel interminable, to say nothing of the wait to be included on their Favorites list. I can only urge you to be patient. The User will get back to your article when they have the chance to review it and give thoughtful revisions, and there’s little you can do to hasten their progress. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait forever; even if the User’s other responsibilities get the better of her, Content Runner will accept your article on her behalf if it’s been sitting Submitted for Review for seven full days.) That said, it’s by no means unacceptable to ask the User to consider adding you to his or her Favorites list. If you’ve written high-quality articles for them in the past, they’ve left positive ratings and raised your take limit, they may well be inclined to include you on that list when prompted.

I'm sure Mr. Rogers would approve.

We may not all live on Friendly Street, but we can pretend.

If and when you do decide to make the request, be polite. Politeness will get you everywhere in life, and this is no exception. Let the User know that you’ve enjoyed working with them, that you’re happy that they’ve been pleased with your work so far, and that you’d love to be considered for a position among their Favorite Writers. Make it clear that you’ll continue to dedicate yourself to writing high-quality content no matter what they decide, and thank them for their consideration. It might sound a little stiff or overly formal, but it will demonstrate your respect for the User and his or her opinion of your work.

(As a side note, if the User should decline to include you in their Favorites list, send a follow-up message to let them know that you understand, that there are no hard feelings, and ask if there are any areas in particular in which you could improve. Take their notes to heart, put them into practice and let this minor setback make you a stronger writer.)

Be a Pleasure to Work With

That’s really all there is to convincing Users to add you to their Favorites: be likeable. If your work is excellent, your grammar unimpeachable and your demeanor polite and friendly there’s no reason a User shouldn’t be inclined to promote you to their inner circle of Favorites. Good luck!