You’re hands-on. You’re neck-deep under grimy cupboards, you carefully fit pipes together, you work your magic to staunch disastrous leaks. Everything you do is on the phone or in person. Your customers have found you in the Yellow Pages for years, they tell their neighbors to use your services, and you’re comfortable with your work. Why should you worry about blogging? All of your services require your physical presence and prowess. Anyway, your Google listing has your phone number and address – that’s enough, right?

Of course not – what did you think we’d say? In this era of connectivity, it’s more important than ever to have an online presence, and a regularly-updated blog is one of the best ways to achieve this.

The Internet IS a series of tubes, after all.

The Internet IS a series of tubes, after all.

If You Haven’t Already, Start One

There are a few preliminary things to check off your list. First off, if you don’t have your own website, or if you’re relying on search listings for Internet surfers to find you, it’s time for a big change. Hire a web design firm if you need to – there are even tons of newly-graduated freelancers who would love to get some experience under their belt designing your site – and register your domain name.

If you have your site, but no blog, it’s time to start one. There are many different plug-ins you can add that will support your blog; here at Content Runner we use WordPress. Once this is set up, you can begin.

Why Blog?

You may still be asking yourself why you should bother blogging, to begin with. It’s time-consuming, it’s difficult, and unless you’re gifted with a talent for writing, it might be difficult to impress anyone with it. Forget all that. Not only do the benefits far outweigh the risks, but there are droves of skilled, eager freelance writers out there just waiting to populate your blog with great content.

Offer Special Knowledge

Blogging regularly accomplishes a few things. When it comes to a topic like plumbing, you’ve got very niche knowledge that the average homeowner doesn’t. If you have a blog ranking leak issues, for example, a homeowner that reads it might realize the seriousness of a situation and give you a call. If you can explain in layman’s terms a difficult concept, the potential customer researching the issue will be both surprised and delighted to find an answer they can understand.

Shareability = Profitability

The real benefit in regular blogging lies in the shareability of your content. And the shareability is directly tied to how useful, interesting, and well-written that content is. If one person finds your blog informative and helpful where many others were not, they’re much more likely to pass your post along. Just like one neighbor telling another about your great service, the Internet provides you with an endless array of “friendly neighbors,” all with the potential to talk about your business. Imagine if a high-profile home improvement blogger discovers your very helpful article; they could link to it, and suddenly you’re enjoying much more attention, inquiry, and site traffic than ever before, back when you were blogless and alone. As your high-quality content is shared and explored over and over again, your website will enjoy higher and higher placement when relevant terms are searched. This means more customers discovering you, more people realizing you know your stuff, and more pleas for help than ever. You might even have to hire an assistant or two.

"Fixture Friday," anyone?

Your first “Fixture Friday” could be “5 Reasons Not to Paint Your Faucet Red and Tie String Around It.” Just a thought.

Maintain Your Presence

There’s more than just search engine optimization, however, when it comes to the boundless benefits of blogging. If you blog twice a week, you can define a theme – “Fixture Friday,” “5 Midweek Tips for Maintaining Your Drains” – and transform it into a helpful email newsletter to send to your customers. Nobody wants to read a sales pitch, but useful information about how to care for your household plumbing issues is something everyone can benefit from. Though counterintuitive – How will I ever get hired if they’re fixing their leaks themselves?, you may wonder – by proving your knowledge, offering friendly advice, and (most importantly) remaining present in their minds, you’ll earn much more interest than you’ll lose.

Bring ‘Em On Back

Defined weekly blog themes can be invaluable as well due to their sheer regularity. Once you build your audience, your customers will return for “Fixture Friday,” and your written content (and thus your business) will get more exposure than ever. The beauty of the inbound marketing model is that you’re not chasing after your potential customers; you’re luring them to you with the sheer integrity and value of what you have to offer. When they come to you willingly, customers are far more likely to stay with you loyally.

You should be convinced by now that consistent blogging will result in more unclogged toilets and unjammed garbage disposals than you could ever dream of. If you’re feeling inspired to start your own blog, or just update the blog you have more regularly, check out our Offerings. You’ll be able to find professional freelancers with the industry knowledge to help launch your blog to greatness.