Here at Content Runner, we encourage clients to establish working relationships with one writer or a group of writers. However, we understand that finding and evaluating the best people to produce your content isn’t always easy. The challenge is even greater when you need to locate someone with experience writing about a specific niche.

We recommend starting your search with our transparent writer directory. Here you can find detailed profiles of each of our writers as well as links to their social media sites. Don’t worry, you won’t have to read through several hundred profiles to find a few potential writers. The best way to locate writers with experience creating content in your subject area is to search by niche.

When you go to this page, you will see a link to every available niche. Clicking on the link brings up a list of writers who have produced work for other clients in the general topic area. Underneath the writer’s photo, statistics, and opening paragraph are all of the niche areas he or she has written about along with the number of articles accepted by our clients. This gives you the opportunity to form an initial list of writers based on their level of experience.

You also have the opportunity to search for writers by content type and location. Content type could be a blog, article, white paper, eBook, social media post, or whatever other type of content you need. One advantage to choosing a local writer is that you can meet in person to go over instructions and ideas for future content.

If working with writers who have experience in a specific area isn’t as important, try searching by highest rated or by suggested price per word. You can find these sort options at the top of the full writer directory. Our staff is always happy to make recommendations as well.

Evaluating Freelance Writers

While implementing an evaluation process this extensive may not be practical for you, we would like to share some ideas from Benji Hyam from the website Grow and Convert. In order for you to find writers you’re happy with, it’s essential to provide them with as much information upfront as possible. This includes things such as your company history, business model, target market, and detailed data about your products and services. Most importantly, be sure to discuss your content strategy. You can save time by writing this up in advance and saving it to give to all potential writers.

Next, include a sample or two of work produced by other writers you have hired that you really like. Be sure to state what works in the piece, such as the tone, word choices, or formatting used. Using this as a backdrop, let the prospective writer know the style you need for your upcoming work. This includes such things as voice, tone, word count, formatting, and take-away message.

At this point, you can ask for writing samples on the same topic or ask the writer to produce sample copy for you. If you choose the latter option, make certain that he or she knows you will pay for the piece even if you decide not to move forward with that writer. This gives you a great idea of the turnaround time as well as the professionalism and accuracy you can expect from this person in the future. You can also get a good idea of a writer’s reputation by reading feedback from other clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff if you need additional help finding the best writer for your content.