If you come across a Writer that you gel with, you have made a treasured find. You can build a relationship based on knowing what to expect whenever this person writes for you and be satisfied every time they complete a writing assignment. If you are fortunate enough to find a Writer that you like and that meets your requirements for the type of content you need, you should protect that relationship above all costs.

Making the Writer feel that they are important to you requires work on your part but the payoff can be astronomical. Much of the effort involves three simple things: (1) maintaining a line of communication with the Writer, even if there is no work to be performed; (2) providing praise and feedback for work performed; and, (3) offering incentives in times when work needs to be expedited.

Maintain Regular Communication  
Any relationship, both working and personal, requires a certain level of communication. Sending messages and letting a Writer know what you have going on or upcoming lets the Writer know that they are in your thoughts and you are considering them first and foremost when work is available.

If you consider the Writer an integral part of your business’s team, provide them with the same updates and communications that you provide to your regular employees. This will help the Writer feel a part of the team and more committed to providing you with the type of quality you want and expect.

Provide Feedback and Comments (Praise) on their Work  
Saying thank you and sending other signs of gratitude and appreciation are important when maintaining a relationship. A Writer who you choose to engage as a Favorite is more likely to produce seamless assignments when they feel that you are appreciative of the work that they do. A few words provided in the comment section of a completed article that are positive and that praise the Writer’s effort is a strong reminder of the Writer’s value and worth to you. Make it regular practice to provide feedback, especially on those articles that strike you as particularly well written or insightful.

If you have not yet added a Writer to your Favorite list, you may do so by visiting their Writer Profile and clicking Favorite. This will send a message to the Writer letting them know that their work has caught you attention.

Establish an Incentives Program
You find yourself in a situation where a short deadline has arrived and you need your go-to Writer to help you out. This may be a good situation for you to consider the use of some incentive or bonus system to get the Writer to focus on your project and deliver it within your stated deadline. Offering incentives and bonuses shows that you have respect for the Writer’s time and recognize that the Writer may be involved with other work that may be of equal time sensitivity and attention.You may not always need to use incentives and bonuses to get the Writer’s attention, but they are helpful in some circumstances.

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with your Favorite Writer requires the same attention and effort that you put forth in any type of relationship you have.  Favoriting the Writer is the first step, followed by a consistent flow of  communication and feedback in order to cultivate the relationship. Attending to the needs of your Favorite Writer through communication, regular praise and acknowledgment as well as rewards and incentives for work performed only serves to fortify the User-Writer relationship and keep it strong and profitable for both parties.