Whether you write about family, baking, SEO, content marketing, country and rock ‘n’ roll music, or automobiles, your company’s blogs should follow a common theme to stay on track and on task. It’s important to balance content that is informative yet engaging to keep readers coming back time and again. In keeping your business relevant on the web and building brand trust with customers, you’ll need to structure your blog in a way that manages both information and compelling copy to retain your valued followers.

Importance of your Blog
More than just a journal for any given business, a daily blog offers insight and information to your company, whether you’re selling a product, service or idea. It’s imperative that it’s kept up to date, sure; however, just adding filler and fluff won’t engage your readership and translate to trust and eventually sales. There has to be substance.  Your blog can address questions from readers, whether they need a how-to guide, an industry update or details on an innovative product offering. Giving your customers the information they seek serves to make them life-long supporters of your mission. Not only does a blog add value to your site, it helps potential customers connect with you and increases the likelihood of being seen online. Exposure is a big part of blogs; essentially, you’re drawing attention to your business by constantly being on the edge of what’s happening in your industry. Don’t let it get stale.

Jack Attack

Jackson says to think out of the box to get the reader’s attention.

Pulling Your Readers In
As a blogger, you’re most likely aware that you walk that fine line between being informative and being engaging every single day. Keeping that balance is key. A blog is one of the best ways to engage with customers, adding value to your site that eventually builds trust with your readers. However, you have to hook them and get them in the door.  Rather than focus on what you offer, with the same rehashed content about your products and services, it’s imperative that you complement the sales aspect of your business with relevant information that will pique your potential customers’ interests. Post blogs that talk about related services and products, industry trends, current news and how it relates to your company, and advice and tips for readers. This valuable insight helps your readers feel more connected to your company through information exchange. When compiling your daily blogs, it’s best to keep them short and sweet to combat the tendency of web readers to skim quickly and move on. Keep each post concise and easily digestible, breaking up each thought into its own paragraph. Keeping your thoughts brief, but informative is a great way to get you message to your readers without losing their attention.

Information Retains Readers
Behind all the fancy wording and compelling copy, there has to be some real substance — after all, the purpose of a blog is to inform readers about your brand and boost awareness of new happenings. Not only does your blog have to excite the reader in some way, it also has the deep responsibility of informing your community.  Blogs, especially those from an established company are directly correlated with gaining valid online information as part of the entire purchasing process. That goes to show you just how important the information your blog contains is.

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