Content creation is growing at an exponential rate. There are more than four million blog posts being created every single day, with more than 400 million people reading more than 20 billion pages on WordPress alone. That’s not even counting the hundreds of millions of status updates, photos, and videos that are uploaded daily. As a small business owner, you may assume you can grow just by creating fresh content on a regular basis. But with that much content churning out every day online, you’ll need, as they say in “Jaws”, a bigger boat.  

It takes much more than just creating great content. It has to be outstanding content, it has to grab people’s attention immediately and it has to be highly shareable. Shareable content will generate more traffic for your website, which will generate more shares and ultimately pad your bottom line.

Here are some ways to craft highly shareable content.

1.    Know What’s Trending

Trending content includes topics that everyone’s talking about at the moment. This type of content is much more likely to be shared because it’s so relevant. When you create content related to current trends, you generate more shares.

2.    Engage With the Community

Engage with your online community so you can find out what matters to them and what they want to know. You can interact in a variety of ways, such as through blog comments, Reddit threads, emails and social media posts.  

3.    Tie Into Pop Culture

It’s no secret that pop culture memes drive large amounts of shares. If you can find a way to tactfully use such memes in your content, do so.

4.    Use Lists

Lists are popular because they’re quick and skimmable. Studies show that lists generate more social shares than any other form of content.

5.    Write Long-Form Content

You may assume that shorter articles get shared more, but it’s actually the opposite that’s true. Longer content between 3,000 and 10,000 words will get far more shares than 500-word content will.

6.    Create Interviews With Influencers

Creating roundups and interviews with experts and influencers is great way to rustle up some shares. That’s because such influencers will likely share the post with their own audience, which can translate to a massive social booster. People trust influencers, and thus they will trust your content by association.

7.    Include Images

Social media is and always will be image-driven. Facebook posts that include images enjoy 3x more engagement than plain-text content. In particular, create images that tie in directly to the corresponding content.  

8.    Include Social Sharing Buttons

Put social sharing buttons on all your content to enable one-click sharing to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Don’t make your readers copy and paste a link. They may not bother.

9.    Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The best way to create shareable content is to preface it with a killer headline. This is your first chance to make an excellent impression, so make it count. Boring headlines will generate fewer clicks and even fewer shares, while an awesome headline will draw the reader in immediately.  

10. Create Outstanding Content

One of the best ways to create shareable content is to make the content itself outstanding. There’s a lot of trash out there today, so stand out with compelling blogs, web pages and articles. You have to consistently deliver a memorable experience for your readers, and this takes hard work. You can’t slack off. Once you have delivered amazing content, you have to keep repeating it.

This is when people will start trusting you and sharing what you write, and it’s really the only effective way to grow your brand over time.

In a world filled with “Which Friends Character Are You?” quizzes, shareable content is in high demand. Taking the time to craft brilliant, viral, insightful content means you care about establishing yourself as a subject matter expert.

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