Creating a profile on Content Runner is a great way to engage in self-promotion and help you stand out among a crowded field of Writers. What you say and what you include in a profile speaks to how you see yourself as a Writer, the seriousness and professionalism in which you view freelance writing and to how you want others to see you as a writing professional. A well thought out and written profile can make a huge difference, particularly if you are just starting out as a freelance Writer.

What are the elements of a good Writer profile on Content Runner? What should you include, emphasize and highlight in order for readers to make an accurate and well-informed opinion of you? The following are some of the things that you should consider when creating a writing profile for your Content Runner presence. The elements should include what makes up your profile on Content Runner, and; (1) includes a bio; (2) the insertion of a photo; (3) links to relevant social networking sites; (4) a writing sample; and, (5) is updated periodically.


You can access your profile through your Dashboard by clicking on Account.

Add a Photo and  Social Media Links4
The profile page on Content Runner permits you to include a picture of yourself. You should consider strongly taking advantage of this and include a profile picture for others to see. The picture should capture you as you want to be seen as a writing professional. It can be taken in a work setting or as a portrait, preferably with a smile. We would like to discourage the use of clip art or graphic images. Please keep your profile picture as professional as possible.

In addition to a picture you should provide links to any Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account that you maintain, as well as any blog site you contribute to or have created.

Create a Winning Bio  
Next, create a bio that will be placed on your profile page. This bio should represent your personal statement, why you write and what experience or background you bring to the table, which are relevant to your desire to write. You can choose to include an abbreviated resume of your past work history, volunteer activities, interests and goals as a Writer. Use active verbs and descriptive terms that show energy and a passion for writing, in order to help you stand out among others.

Add a Writing Sample
3Your writing sample should reflect your best work. Include a sample that is representative of your writing style, your humor, your seriousness and your ability to delve into complex issues and write about them. Your writing sample should be several paragraphs in length, well organized, concise and well written. You want your writing sample to give people a taste of how you write and what they may expect to see from you as a Writer.

Once you have completed your profile, you can view how you will be seen by other Users and Writers by clicking “Click here to view to your profile” located above your profile picture.

Review and Update6
As you gain confidence as a freelance Writer and see receive positive feedback and comments, be sure to revisit your writing profile and make updates as relevant. Your profile should continually be a representation of what and where you are at a moment in time. You want people to know you and relate that image to your writing. Keeping your profile fresh shows that you are active and want to let people what’s going on and how you are growing as a freelance Writer.

We are continuing to make changes to the Writer profile, so please check your profile regularly for additional fields such as education, certification and CV. If you have any questions or are having issues updating your profile please contact us at