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Photo Credit: photostock,

It seems like you were just planning your content calendar for 2016 and now the year is on its way out. You would like to connect with your website readers while they’re in a festive holiday frame of mind. You know that a holiday-themed blog – or two or three- would help them identify with your brand and realize that your company is there to solve a problem for them.

However, you have a bit of a problem yourself. Even if you could think of what to write about, you just have no time to do it. Maybe you’re like me and would prefer to write the blog posts yourself but have no clue what topics to choose. You can find the help you need on the Content Runner marketplace in either case.

Post Whatever Kind of Job You Would Like
I have both a writer and a client account at Content Runner. Recently, I needed help coming up with ideas for holiday blogs for a client in the medical field. I wrote up what may be an unusual order but is also perfectly acceptable for this marketplace. I indicated the three different areas my medical client specializes in and requested blog topic ideas, an opening, closing, and main points for each. Within 30 minutes of posting my order, a writer completed and submitted the assignment. I do have to say there are some creative people here!

When you register for a client account, you have the same freedom to post whatever type of order you would like. As someone who has experience on both sides, I would recommend being as descriptive as possible about what you need. If the writer has questions, be sure to answer them promptly as well. My guess is that you will receive the same quick and excellent results that I did. It certainly makes my life easier to have someone else do this for me.

How to Place Your Content Order
If you’re brand new to the site as a client, the first thing you need to do is register an account and then verify your email address. The next step is to load funds so you can pay writers. The minimum is $25, but you can request a refund of any unused portion if you would like. With these steps out of the way, you can now place your first order. Just click on the Post Your Order button to get started.

You have the option of choosing a template at the start of your order. This could be a specific style guide or general instructions that you expect to re-use several times. Next, you can enable n’Topic if you would like the writer to use keywords a set number of times. n‘Topic calculates the score when the writer submits the article and will only accept it if it meets the threshold you determine.

You can now select the purpose of your order, such as article, white paper, or blog post. I chose blog post for the order I discussed above, although I didn’t require whoever picked up the order to write the posts. However, it made the most sense. Due date is next, followed by the optional style guide, content metric, and enable Copyscape field. You can even add an attachment to give further instruction to the writer.

Content Runner gives you the option to make the order available only to site-wide favorites selected by staff, your own favorites, a specific writer pool, or everyone. Now it’s time to set the price and word count. If you’re confused about how much to offer, see the recommendations by content type on the right-hand side of the page. You’re ready to finalize the order once you have indicated a title, listed your instructions, and chosen a niche for your order request. That’s it! Just sit back and wait for the completed assignment to come in, review it, and request revisions or approve it. If only the rest of the holiday season were this easy.