Content Runner was founded with the intention of building a place where talented writers could build professional, mutually beneficial relationships with clients who need content. In fact, we’re so dedicated to helping our community of Writers and Users work together and form relationships that we’ve put together a new way to reward you for doing just that: the Fee Scale. Now, when a Writer earns $500 or more from a single User, Content Runner will reduce the service fee we take on transactions between them. That means that the more a Writer works with a User, the more they’ll earn!

What Is the Fee Scale?

Content Runner charges a service fee on all transactions on the site, beginning at 15%. For instance, if a User requests an article for $20, Content Runner will collect $20 from the User and retain $3 as a fee ($20 x 15%). The remainder, $17, will be credited to the Writer’s account when the User accepts the article. The prices displayed to Writers browsing articles have already had the fee subtracted, so the Writer will know at a glance exactly what he or she will earn for writing a particular piece of content.

But we wanted to do more. Content Runner wants to encourage Writers and Users to build mutually beneficial professional relationships, so we designed our Fee Scale to reward Writers for working closely with individual Users. Here’s what the Fee Scale looks like:

Gonna make it raaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!

The Fee Scale

When a Writer works with one User frequently enough to earn $500 or more within a rolling 12-month period, Content Runner will reduce the fee we take on transactions between the Writer and that User. All earnings count toward this total, including Bonuses, Offerings, and Projects. (Because they work slightly differently than Projects, and reducing the fee on Offerings would be costing the Writer, Content Runner will continue to charge a 15% fee for all Offerings.) The more a Writer earns from a single User in a single 12-month period, the lower the fee Content Runner will take on those transactions.

How Does it Work?

The Fee Scale takes into account all earnings between a Writer and a specific User within a rolling 12-month period. Writers, you can check on your progress towards the next lowest fee tier with a User from the Users tab in your Dashboard. You’ll see a green progress bar that will tell you exactly how much more you’ll need to earn before your fee will be reduced again.

You go, duchess!

The Next Earnings Tier bars display the exact dollar amount until the Writer moves to the next fee tier.

Changes to the Writer’s fee tier do not affect orders that are still in-process. The reduced fee will be applied to all future orders for as long as the Writer’s rolling 12-month earnings are over the cutoff for the new fee tier.

How About Some Examples…

It might be easiest to see how the Fee Scale rewards Writers with a couple of examples.

A hypothetical Writer, Duchess, has been working with a User, SyntacticallySuperb, frequently over the last several months. The User has sent Duchess Direct Orders, Bonuses, and even ordered one of his Offerings. Duchess has written $884 worth of content for SyntacticallySuperb in the last 12 months, so Content Runner now takes a 14% fee. Once Duchess has earned $1,000 from SyntacticallySuperbDuchess‘s fee will go down to just 13%.

Another Writer, PPoovey, has been working with SyntacticallySuperb for 14 months, and their relationship is excellent. PPoovey has earned $1,678 fromSyntacticallySuperb, but only $450 in the last 12 months. PPoovey‘s fee with SyntacticallySuperb will stay at 15% until she earns another $50, bringing her total earnings with the User in the last 12 months up to $500.

The Fine Print

The fee for individual articles is calculated at the time the Writer picks up an article or a Direct Order is sent—that’s why the prices displayed to Writers are always accurate to what they’ll actually earn. The fee will be collected when the content is accepted by the User and marked Complete. When the Writer earns enough that he or she is placed into the next lowest fee tier, the reduced fee will be applied to all future orders for as long as the Writer’s rolling 12-month earnings are over the cutoff for the new fee tier.

Only Writers will be able to see their fee rate, including their progress toward the next tier of the Fee Scale. Writers may disclose their fee to Users at their own discretion, but will never be required to do so.

We Want to Hear from You!

We’re excited to be rolling out these changes, and we hope that the Fee Scale will make Content Runner an even better place to write. What do you think? Are you excited about the Fee Scale? Have questions? Still confused? Drop us a note in the comments, give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook, or shoot us an email at