Content marketing is very much in demand right now. If you have blogs or websites that you need to maintain, then you understand how important it is to have quality content on them. Being in the business of hiring and training writers to create excellent content based on your standards takes time. Sometimes you may be in luck and find that perfect writer who understands your exact message, other times it takes a little coaching and mentoring to get the work that you desire. It is important to build effective communication channels early.

Make Certain That Your Writer Has Concise Instructions for Each Assignment in the Beginning
When issuing assignments to your writers, make certain that they have concrete instructions, which is vital if you want to receive the perfect piece of content. Leave nothing to chance with the creation of your articles. Give as much detail as possible on what direction you would like the article to take. Provide the writer with resources to official websites, links to other articles that represent the style and tone that you wish for your article to portray, as well as links for contrasting information on different points of view on the topic.

Be Specific with the Revision Request
So you received the final product and you’re not happy with the outcome. Ask for a revision. When asking for a revision, make certain that you are as specific as possible. Do not send the article back to the writer with vague instructions. Read the article thoroughly, and offer specific details about what you would like the writer to correct. If you are unhappy with the type of sources that were used in the article, it is important to offer specific advice on what criteria the sources need to meet in order to qualify as official.

If you would you like the article to have a more witty or professional tone, explain this to your writer. It might be helpful to provide links to articles that convey this characteristic. Visualize everything that the article is missing, and provide clear concise instructions for your writer.

Offer Words of Encouragement
Writing is a skill set that takes years to hone. Sending revisions back to a writer has the ability to affect their confidence and question their abilities. Take the time to offer kind words of encouragement every so often. A simple note thanking them for their hard work thus far will keep them motivated and more eager to fulfill your requests. People respond well to kindness, praises and being treated with respect.

If you would like to offer your writer words of encouragement or revisions this can be done in the text box under the content when you have clicked on the article from your Dashboard.

Revsion Request

You can also give writers feedback through the Writer Directory by clicking on“Message.” If you find that you have worked with a writer you particularly like, you can let them know by adding them to your Favorites.

Writer Profile

Know When to Walk Away
There is a slight learning curve for everyone starting a new job. The same goes for writers. Writing content takes research, learning about the company’s business, the editor’s expectations and any style rules. If after a few revisions and you and your writer still cannot get on the same page, then it is time to consider hiring a new writer and letting your current one go. Know when to walk away.

If you find that after the second revision request you are still not satisfied with the content, you will have the option to reject the piece and offer it another writer or resubmit it as an “Open”order.

Whether you need blog posts, copy writing, guest articles or SEO content, the writer that you hire must understand the language of your business. Unfortunately, rewriting is very much a part of the writing process. However, you can try to keep it to a bare minimum by initially offering clear instructions on the writing assignments. Getting the perfect content that represents your company and product is possible with a little guidance and effective communication. When you receive content that is disappointing and does not provide the vision you were hoping for, take a step back and re-evaluate your lines of communication. With a little consideration and effort, you can work closely with your writer to create quality copy that your project deserves.