Making Money for Your Agency

It’s not quite 2017 yet, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re ready for it! Welcome to our first newsletter with tips on how to increase revenue at your agency. This series of emails will walk you through different types of content that you can sell to your clients.

Social Content is a Massive Opportunity

Your clients need help managing social content for Facebook and Twitter. Companies are overwhelmed with the day to day responsibilities of managing their business and have no time to manage their social channels.

What is Social Content?

Social content is really just bite size articles (along with images or videos) that you can create for your clients. If you are creating content for your client’s twitter feed, you have 140 characters to get your point across. On Facebook you have the ability to write more, but keeping your message short and sweet works best.

What Do I Charge my Clients?

Think of social content as a monthly service offering and work backwards. Do you want to deliver 30 tweets and 15 Facebook posts a month to your client? If so you can expect to pay ~$2-$4 each for Tweets and Facebook posts on Content Runner. So your hard costs for the content will run you close to $100. You can mark that up to your client and sell multiple packages, maybe one starting at $199/month and all the way up to $799/month (you can add images and other options at the higher levels).

Give Away a Free Sample to Demonstrate Quality

Send an email out to your clients about your new social content service and offer them a free sample to test it out. Prove to your clients that you can create great content for their social channels by giving away a weeks worth of content. Make sure to get ideas on content topics from your client (ask for informational and educational topics to get you started). Also ask your client about subjects to avoid so you don’t anger one of their customers.

How Do I get Started?

You can take the first step by asking your clients if they want to try out your social content. For the first 5 agencies that email me I will give writer recommendations for their social content and make myself available for a free consultation to discuss how to best position this service offering with your clients.