Creating Blog Posts for Your Customers

It’s difficult for your clients to sit down and get started blogging, they don’t know where to start and that’s where your agency can help!

Idea Generation

Coming up with ideas for blog posts is tough work.The number one reason your clients won’t get started blogging is that they can’t come up with new ideas or they don’t dedicate the time to idea generation. You can help out tremendously here, use our Idea Engine for inspiration and plan to hire a Writer to come up with 20-30 ideas for new blog posts for your client.

Content Calendar

Once you get your client’s buy in on the ideas then you need to plan out your posts in a monthly calendar. You can use Google Calendar, WordPress plugins or whatever calendar tool makes it easiest to share the schedule with your clients. Once the calendar is set up then you can start hiring Writers on the site to craft the posts for you. Make sure to work backwards and leave yourself enough time to get everything done. If you need a post in 3 weeks, load that article up today on Content Runner and have it due in 4 days so you have plenty of time for revisions and feedback to your Writer.

Find Writers

Take a look here in the Writer directory and reach out a writer about a potential project. Put together a 3-4 sentence background on what you need and shoot a message over to the writer. You will get feedback on your project and pricing and then you can go from there. Don’t want to take time to search the directory? Then post a project to our Site Wide Favorite writers pool, they are the top 35-40 writers on the site.

How Do I get Started?

Still stuck on how to get going? Email me and I can walk you through exactly how you can get going with Content Runner to deliver monthly blog posts to your client and I will give you expert writer recommendations.