Creating SEO Content

When you get right down to it most agencies need to create content that ranks. Content that ranks well in Google will increase organic traffic which in turn will bring in more leads or sales to your client sites.

Where do You Start?

Have a conversation with your clients and ask them which types of customers convert the best. Start to reverse engineer the queries these customers might make by looking in their Google Analytics account. If you look at their organic traffic you might be able to pick out a few phrases, though most will only show the query as “not provided” which won’t be that helpful. If your client is running Google AdWords you will get access to all of the search query data for your clicks, you can use this information to help structure your keyword targets.

Think in Terms of Overall Traffic (not just keywords)

Most of your clients will have their favorite keyword phrases they want to rank for. You have to be careful though as it’s best to educate your clients and explain to them you want to lift up the overall organic traffic on the site and not just aim for a handful of vanity phrases. If you are creating the right kind of content you will start to get traffic for a whole host of phrases. These new phrase might help spur ideas for additional pieces of content: how to guides, FAQ entries, case studies and more.

Think in Terms of Keyword Phrases also

Ok I know this is contradictory advice from my earlier paragraph. It really is a fine line you walk to target keyword phrases, but the main goal is still to increase overall organic traffic. You will want to be armed with keyword research and I like to use SEM Rush and AHREFs to find the gems. Look at your client’s competitors, what keyword phrases are they ranking for? Look at how competitive certain phrases are, do any of the top 5 sites have any back links to the page that is ranking? If there are no back links on the top 5 sites that might be a great phrase to try and rank for.

How Many Pages Should you Create?

Once you have your ideas for your SEO content, it’s time to start planning out how many pages you want to create. Many agencies will create 10 to 25 pages of SEO content per site to help that client rank locally in their area. For example if you have a real estate agent as a client and they want to target home buyers in their city, start creating content that talks about the local neighborhoods. Don’t be afraid to get hyper local with your content as that can be extremely effective and often non competitive.

Don’t Forget to Track Your Results

Make sure Google Analytics is installed on all the new pages you create so you can track the traffic. Look under “Content” in Analytics and then view “Top Landing Pages” to get an idea of the pages you created that are generating the most visits.

Find Writers and Get Writing!

Take a look here in the Writer directory and reach out a writer about a potential project. Don’t want to take time to search the directory? Then post a project to our Site Wide Favorite writers pool, that is a list of the top 35-40 writers on the site.

Still Need Help?

Still stuck on how to get started? Email me and I can walk you through exactly how you can use Content Runner to create SEO content for your clients.