If you’re using Content Runner, it’s probably because you need to get content written. You’ve got a schedule to meet, deadlines are fast approaching and you want to get what you need as quickly as possible. Typical turnaround time on an individual article between 400 and 800 words is about a week. Need your content faster? Here are 4 secrets to speeding up the production process.

#1: Write Crystal Clear Instructions

Sorry, Shakey.

This is the sort of thing that happens when your instructions aren’t quite clear enough.

The biggest stumbling block for Writers is instructions that aren’t clear enough. Vague instructions that don’t offer any hint of what angle the article should take make it very difficult for Writers to do the research necessary to write amazing content, let alone write it quickly. The biggest favor you can do the Writers—and yourself—is to write clear, thorough instructions. If you want the article to take a positive view of coconut oil as a skin product, for example, your instructions should explicitly ask the Writer to promote the healthy skin benefits of coconut oil. You can even be more specific—”Please speak to coconut oil’s excellent moisturizing benefits for skin.”

More detailed and clearer instructions will only help the Writer work more efficiently. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and write out exactly what you’re looking for. In this case, it’s better to over-explain than to leave the Writer with no idea of what they should write.

#2: Send It to Your Favorites Pool

Your Favorites Pool is full of Writers with whom you’ve worked before, so they have a good idea of what kind of content you want. They’re familiar with your Style Guides, your instructions, and your target audience. The Writers in your Favorites Pool are an excellent resource for stellar content with a quick turnaround time. When you load up an order you need completed quickly, don’t take any chances sending it to the general pool of Writers. Send it straight to your Favorites and rest assured that you’ll get what you need as quickly as possible.

New to the site and don’t have a customized Favorites Pool yet? No worries. Content Runner recently rolled out our Global Favorites Pool, stocked with Writers who’ve proven themselves to be high-quality content producers and able to meet deadlines. Content Runner has hand-picked the Writers on the Global Favorites list to give you the best chance of getting the content you want in the shortest timeframe possible. If time is an issue, give our Global Favorites a try!

#3: Set a Shorter Deadline

Most articles on Content Runner are given a 4-day deadline. This is a reasonable amount of time for a Writer to pick up the article, do some research, and whip up a draft or two before submitting it for your approval. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get your finished article in 4 days—that’s just when their first full draft has to be submitted. If you send the article back for revisions, the Writer will need time to make the changes before resubmitting.

If you’re need your content in a week, try setting the deadline just 1 or 2 days out. That will give the Writer an idea of how urgently the content is needed and will give you some space to submit revisions. Of course, if a Writer is used to having 4 days or more to work on an assignment, they might be reticent to pick up an article with such a protracted schedule. This leads me to my next point…

#4: Increase the Price

Sort of like an even more hipster typewriter.

An increase of just a few old-timey dollars will increase your article’s attractiveness significantly.

The number one incentive that will get a response is a little increase in the price. If you need your content done in a hurry, try increasing the price at which you offer the assignment. Even a bump of 20-30% will get the Writers’ attention and make them more inclined to pick up the assignment, even with a shorter deadline.

BONUS #5: Send It as a Direct Order

If you really need to accelerate the content production process, you might not want to wait for a Writer to take an interest and pick up your assignment. Get proactive by contacting Writers directly and asking if they’d be willing to take on your project personally. Let them know in a message how quickly you’ll need it, how long it needs to be, an overview of the topic and summary of the requirements and how much you’re willing to pay them for handling it quickly. (Keep in mind that Content Runner takes a 15% fee, so adjust the price you quote accordingly or you risk your Writer feeling shortchanged later.) When a Writer says yes, you’ll know it’s taken care of have a good idea of when you’ll get your content. Easy!

Have any other suggestions for how to speed up content production? Have a question? Shoot us a note at support@contentrunner.com or find us on Facebook or Twitter. Or you can leave your ideas in the comments here and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for reading!