We are proud to announce the October Content Runner updates. If you have a feature request to propose, send us an email and we can add it!

Here's Chad. Hi Chad!

New Filter in the Writer Directory

If you are looking for a Writer that has already worked on Content Runner, we have created a new filter in the writer directory. You will see it located in the top left of the filters, check the box: “With at least 1 article” next time you do a search. Also we have moved up the filter: “Without profile picture”, use this filter if you want to uncover more Writers on Content Runner that have not included a picture in their online profile.

Copyscape Disabling

We have setup Copyscape to run and check every article that goes through Content Runner. However there is the occasional User that requests a small snippet of text (or quote) and would like to disable Coypscape. You can do that upfront when you place your order and you can now remove the Copyscape check while the article is in process. Click the “i” next to your article title in the Dashboard and uncheck the “Copyscape enabled” box to remove that check.

Staff Orders

Staff Orders are not new, but I want to highlight them to make sure all of our Users are aware of this short order form. If you have a Writer that you work with on a regular basis and you want to use a quick order form, navigate to the Writers tab in the Dashboard, click “Staff Order” next to your writers name and you can assign them a direct order. This is a handy feature if you and your Writer are already on the same page for the assignment and you don’t want to go through the entire order form.

Order Form Update

The order form is going mobile! It will contain the same information, but we want to set it up so you can place orders from your phone. The new order form should go live early next week.