Kids who just got their allowance!

How excited are we? More than a bunch of kids in one of these fine establishments.

We’re excited to announce a new feature that will be going live later this week: soon our Writers will be able to promote their Offerings! We want our Writers to be able to spread the good news and share their Offerings with their social networks, so we’ve built a feature to help them promote their Offerings in a tweet to all their Twitter followers or in an email directly to their target audience. Admittedly I’m a pretty excitable sort of person (you should have seen me when I learned that there was such a thing as a cat cafe), but I’m super pumped about this: I think this feature will help our Writers get more from their Offerings and showcase their talents! Here’s the inside scoop on how promoting Offerings will work.

Let a Little Birdy Tell Them

Soon it’ll be a total breeze for Writers to share their new Offering with all their followers on Twitter. We’re adding a Share section to the Offerings tab that will make it super simple to give Offerings a boost. Just click “Twitter” and a pre-written tweet will open up in a new tab with a link to the Offering and a shout-out to Content Runner. There are still plenty of characters left over, so feel free to add your own personal touch and talk yourself up a bit!

Hot Off the Press and Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Not quite ready to go public with your Offering? Have a more targeted audience in mind? Writers will also be able to share their Offerings through email. In the Share tab there will be an option to add as many email addresses as you please and a space to include your customized message. If the people who will be receiving your email aren’t already familiar with Content Runner, this is a great opportunity to let them know what we’re all about: helping Writers and Users connect and build relationships to collaborate on excellent content. We’ve written a template email that will goes over the basics, but there’s plenty of space to personalize it for your specific audience.

So Why Are We So Thrilled?

wackywavinginflatablearmflailingtubemanIt’s almost time to break out the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man: we’re thrilled to be introducing this feature. Why? Because we think it’s going to be a slam dunk for our Writers. We created the Offerings feature to help our Writer showcase their unique talents and niche skills, but until now the only opportunity to promote an Offering was to be featured on the home page. The ability to promote their Offerings on Twitter and through email will give Writers the opportunity to leverage their social networks to attract attention and build a reputation.

We’re proud of our multi-talented Writers, and we want Content Runner to work to their advantage! By promoting their Offerings, Writers will be able to advertise their skills and demonstrate their flexibility and expertise to an even wider audience.